Thank You for being here!

this site hosts some shots by Marco Dadone, born 1970, living in northern Italy, showing a deep love for all the Celtic places and the everchanging lights of the Scottish Islands, Brittany and Ireland.
As my inner soul someway belongs to these wild places, everytime I return up there or discover one island more, is like coming home, or find another piece of me, so here You can find some images of the islands and kingdoms I walked and shoot through.

I mainly use SIGMA cameras (dp1s, dp2, SD1 merrill) because of the unicity of the Foveon sensor: it really can deliver images able to let You come "inside", at least, that's my hope.

the site is in continue setting so it may change everyday,

Feel free to write me back Your impressions abut this charming part of the world, or simply add something to the Guestbook or buy a picture if You'd like to keep some with You (the site is not mainly ment for selling, but feel free to ask).