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We met as two drops from the source,

didn't know where to flow

so we leaned to each other tight

and made the stream become our road














You were green

and I was blue;

We found some wood

and made a house

where even two drops could live for true.








Yet I couldn't help to find, 

after the last fern a new light

a wide world just made of air

maybe the white dove of the sky...






Was it that white dove or the wind passing by?


Somehow those feathers did move

reavealing a path going high





And this time,

my beautiful leaf

You watched me move on

from the threshold we built
















Up on the peaks

up for the sky

I walked on the crest of the last mountain high





Yet I thought of You

on the last stone I climbed,

when the evening came

as the air sang and shine





Then with a last jump

I did sail somehow 


on the wings of that dove

where a drop could fly










so when the sky turns to red

watch those clouds

see me there.





In a while

I'll be back as rain


blue on green

as the day we met.










on SIGMA fpL

in the woods and mountains between Italy and France. 



Il SIGMA 150-500 Sport ha appena vinto un EISA AWARD come Best Product 2022-2023 nella categoria superzoom lens sport.

L'ho provato tutta l'estate: è ingombrante e pesante,

dedicato a chi ama "sentire" la lente, dato che il corpo macchina quasi ci scompare, ma...

 incredibilmente potrebbe essere l'unica lente da portare con voi,

una volta che ne abbiate preso confidenza. 


La capacità di fotografare da molto vicino a 150mm insieme alla stabilizzazione efficace, sono stupefacenti.


Tutte le immagini di questo articolo, a parte le prime sulla sorgente, sono scattate a mano libera.


E lo sfocato è il plus di questo obiettivo, dato che è possibile raggiungere risultati artistici con i close up

in un modo che non mi sarei mai aspettato.


E' possibile anche delimitare il campo di messa a fuoco su tre livelli differenti, in modo da non farsi scappare lo scatto che si ha in mente, e pure montare filtri per effetti ancora più creativi.

Con la piccola fpL, certo, gli ISO si possono abbassare fino a 6 quindi è stato possibile ottenere immagini con tempi lunghi anche in situazioni "normali".


Di sicuro, ho usato questa lentona a modo mio, nel campo del paesaggio e dello storytelling,

ed è stata una bella sorpresa. 





the 150-500 sport has recently won the EISA AWARD as Best superzoom lens 2022-23, I tried it this summer.

Le lens is bulky and heavy, but...

but you won't believe it could be the only lens to take with you once you get used to it.


The ability to photograph from very close to 150mm along with effective stabilization is amazing.

All the images here, apart from the first ones of the sources, were shoot without any tripod.

The bokeh is the plus of this lens, as it's possibile to reach artistic results with close up, really more than I expected to.

It is also possible to delimit the field of focus on three different levels, so as not to miss the shot you have in mind.

Or mount filters, even if with the little fpL I could lower the ISO down to 6,

to use slow shutter times even in ordinary light situations.

Of course, I used this big lens my way, in the field of landscape and storytelling,

and it has been a surprise for me.



S | Sports
150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS S | Sports


SU SIGMA FOTO ITALIA (cliccare sul link):








marco dadone

Sigma Ambassador Italy









(www.marcodadofoto.com) 150_600 150-600 dadone fpL marco neverland SIGMA sport https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/9/neverland Sat, 10 Sep 2022 17:32:00 GMT
Valensole https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/6/valensole-with-sigma-65-mm-f2



I'll tell You a road that comes alongside some happiness, my friend.


Walk up those stone steps, 

the ones on which a few ripe figs have fallen,

follow the quiet pure lights You once saw shining around





And remember to bring that key

the one for the old blue door





Once You're in the old mansion,

take a rest,

but not before opening the windows to let some green come in





and when the wind bewteen the leaves

will bring You a few whispers,

It'll be the evening coming to smooth the harsh day.


So come by the patio and have a glass of a red one,

looking for the lights to change.





in front of the village and its houses 

with ocher skin and blue lids




and its discreet citizens

from other worlds




The next morning wake up early,

leave the safe and shady places

for the open sunny fields,

that begin without a warning

from everywhere around the houses.





See how everything is speaking without a single word.














when the sun is set

and the voices of all those ears and flowers will be fading,

like an echo in Your lighter thoughts,


Turn back till the village comes back into view;

It's still hot but You'll have fountains

with the coolest water to wash Your face




and a corner to sit down, take a pastis

and enjoy the best.




Was it just a moment?

Who cares if it can stay forever

in that sunny side of the soul.





All shots

with SIGMA fpL and 65mm F2 "I" serie

by marco dadone.



SIGMA, Nuovo obiettivo 65mm F2 DG DN (C) - News - Mtrading (m-trading.it)



65mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)






(www.marcodadofoto.com) 65 dadone f2 marco mm Sigma Valensole https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/6/valensole-with-sigma-65-mm-f2 Mon, 20 Jun 2022 08:17:18 GMT
little Venice https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/5/little-venice  



there is not much for a snail to do

in the salty sea valleys.

except stand on some rotten wood

and watch the lights change on the horizon.


(Sigma 20 mm "I")



Honestly, I've never seen

what's beyond my beach of shells,

the meadows of thin grass

dragged up to the sky by the wind,

and the old scrap left there by hunters.


(Sigma 20 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")



But that day, 

I found a duck's head on the beach.

(Sigma 20 mm "I")

a strange hollow head

into which I easily slipped

(Sigma 20 mm "I")

and almost immediately 

I found my soft snail shape

transform into that ot a duck.


a duck ... with legs, feathers and all. 



Finally able to slide

along the canals to the town I've only heard about,


they call it little Venice.


(Sigma 35 mm "I")




first came the reflections of the houses, 

which seen on the contrary 

looked like buildings made of water



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



then as soon as I settled down 

I recognized some friends, 

young and old 

all sliding along the streets made of blue, 

barking like dogs at the people walking by

on the thin bridges


(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")




(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")



That's how I found out 

why ducks always seem to smile 

from under their beak.

(Sigma 35 mm "I")

And now that you know my little secret

tell my last friend who remained on the beach 

to look for a hollow head of a duck, 

like the ones 

that hunters use to recall, 

instead of staring all day at the horizon 

like a dumb snail.


(Sigma 20 mm "I")



Well if he doesn't, 

he could always sneak up to the old boat 

for some adventure...

...should it ever leave...


(Sigma 35 mm "I")


(Sigma 35 mm "I")





-the end-





-just an excuse to continue my try on the SIGMA "I" SERIES LENSES, 

these images come straights from the "ready to use" JPEGS of the SIGMA fpL,

just with my personal white balance according the the blue cast of some sleepy mornings.


LENS USED: 20 mm and 35 mm f2 - "I" SERIES - from SIGMA

on Sigma fpL






for Italy SIGMA is by MTrading:

Mtrading s.r.l. (CLICK HERE)



NUOVO SIGMA 35 mm serie I: 

35mm F1.4 DG DN | Art | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)



NUOVO SIGMA 20 mm serie I: 

SIGMA, Nuovo obiettivo 20mm F2 DG DN Contemporary - News - Mtrading (m-trading.it)




20 mm "I" on Sigma Global (CLICK HERE)



(Sigma 20 mm "I)


(Sigma 35 mm "I")


(www.marcodadofoto.com) - dadone fpL I lensens little marco sigma Venice https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/5/little-venice Mon, 09 May 2022 08:51:53 GMT
the sleeping boats marco dadone https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/4/the-sleeping-boats-marco-dadone




There is a place

after a cave

where boats come to rest winterlong;

no one has seen it before 

'cause with a single move

the spell is gone. 


It's where I go

hiding my steps

sneaking my shape through the wind's whirl

to reach this foamland

and lean on the hulls

calm and windswept as an old bird.


Did I became them

or now became then

I should have stayed home in my own bed

but once You're a seabird there's no way,

the waves will be always in Your head.




Sigma fpL with 20 mm I serie, 1,67 sec. at f9, iso 20




Sigma fpL with 20 mm I serie, 1,67 sec. at f22, iso 80 




Sigma fpL with 20 mm I serie, 1,67 sec. at f22, iso 50



Sigma fpL with 20 mm I serie, 4 sec. at f22, iso 80, crop.



Sigma fpL with 20 mm I serie, 1.33 sec. at f22, iso 100, crop



Sigma fpL with 65 mm I serie, 1/60 sec. at f2.8, iso 100



Sigma fpL with 35 mm I serie, 1/320 sec. at f2, iso 2500




Sigma fpL with 20 mm I serie, 2 sec. at f18, iso 6



Sigma fpL with 35 mm I serie, 1/320 sec. at f2, iso 2500



Sigma fpL with 24 mm I serie, 5 sec. at f18, iso 25 Intentional Camera Movement




Sigma fpL with 90 mm I serie, 1,5 sec. at f20, iso 32



Sigma fpL with 24 mm I serie, 15 sec. at f14, iso 6




Sigma fpL with 90 mm I serie, 0.8 sec. at f16, iso 6




Sigma fpL with 24 mm I serie, 4 sec. at f14, iso 100




Sigma fpL with 24 mm I serie, 20 sec. at f14, iso 6





Sigma fpL with 35 mm I serie, 20 sec. at f20, iso 6




Sigma fpL with 24 mm I serie, 20 sec. at f20, iso 6




Sigma fpL with 90 mm I serie, 1/640 sec. at f4,5, iso 800




Sigma fpL with 65 mm I serie, 1/200 sec. at f2, iso 250





Sigma fpL with 65 mm I serie, 1/30 sec. at f9, iso 640.





Sigma fpL with 35 mm I serie, 1,33 sec. at f18, iso 100, crop.




Scattato con le lenti SIGMA - Serie I -

20 mm f.2, 24 mm f.2, 35 mm f.2, 65 mm f.2, 90 mm f2.8


Qui su Mtrading per l'Italia:

SIGMA - Marchi - Mtrading (m-trading.it)








All shot with SIGMA "I" SERIES lenses:


I series Explore more. | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)





marco dadone

on facebook: Marco Dadone | Facebook

on Twitter: marco dadone photography www.marcodadofoto.com (@Marco_Dadone) / Twitter





the sleeping boat

- black & white sessions - 





(www.marcodadofoto.com) boats dadone I Marco serie SIGMA sleeping the https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/4/the-sleeping-boats-marco-dadone Thu, 14 Apr 2022 14:25:23 GMT
Haiku https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/1/haiku  
















into the white morning


I met a shell and a bird


all of them are me


















All shots with Sigma fpL and Sigma 70mm macro art.






per l'Italia, Mtrading:

SIGMA, Il nuovo obiettivo 70mm F2.8 DG MACRO Art - News - Mtrading (m-trading.it)


the Camera:

fp series | Special | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)

the LENS: 

70mm F2.8 DG MACRO | Art | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)



(www.marcodadofoto.com) https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2022/1/haiku Sun, 09 Jan 2022 17:09:34 GMT
Tale - marco dadone - sigma 70mm macro art https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/12/tale-marco-dadone-sigma-70mm-macro-art


Out from my car

on a rainy end of day


I took the lantern and walked through,

moon on the pale sky,

me by my side



Eyes on the grass, 

I found pieces along the path





My crown in the frozen drops of dew



My tears in the icy dephts of wood



the door

to our palace of thin trees


where spirits can swim 

free from disease


everything here was so alive

when my lantern trembled

and I heard a whisper by...




"You do see things that can't be seen"

said my companion made of wind



"He lives the tale of the soul of things"

A snowflake replied

landing in sight



just before feeling the long searched warm

and melting in a second

on my palm.










is entirely






 70mm F2.8 DG MACRO | Art | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)


Per l'Italia presso MTrading s.r.l.:

 SIGMA, Il nuovo obiettivo 70mm F2.8 DG MACRO Art - News - Mtrading (m-trading.it)




(www.marcodadofoto.com) 70mm art dadone fpL marco sigma TALE https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/12/tale-marco-dadone-sigma-70mm-macro-art Fri, 17 Dec 2021 19:36:15 GMT
Marco Dadone Portofino Sigma I https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/11/portofino-sigma-i  



That's about that day

I arrived

with the sea railroad from nowhere


(24 mm f16, 13 sec, iso 10)




to the gate for this place



(90 mm f2.8, 1/4000 sec, iso 100)



a place where rocks

were solid tears from the sky


(24mm f4, 1/3200 sec., iso 800)



and the map could be found

in a seaside stone 


(24mm f2, 1/2000 sec, iso 800)




took the narrow road

growing from one of the lines in the stone


(24mm f4, 1/640 sec, iso 100)



which led me

between planets 

(990mm f4, 1/250 sec, iso 100)




(24mm f8, 3.2 sec., iso 6)



and old white houses breathing blue


(90 mm f7.1, 1/1000 sec., iso 800)



a blue that I looked at so long

(90 mm f2.8, 1/1000 sec., iso 32)




until, after the sparks, a passage was found


(90mm f7.1, 1/1000 sec, iso 800)



and from a deep forest hanging on sea,

showed me a village

(24 mm f2, 1/1250 sec, iso 100)


(90mm f4.5, 1/5000 sec, iso 640)



a strange row of narrow houses

on which I landed flying


(90mm f2.8, 1/5000 sec, iso 400)



and among whose roads I ventured


(90 mm f4, 1/1600 sec., iso 600)


more close

to see the easy life of men 


(90 mm f4, 1/1600 sec., iso 800)



so I waited for every one

 to go away,

and could hear each window's breath

(90 mm f 7.1, 1/2000 sec., iso 640 - crop - )

(90 mm f5, 1/4000 sec, iso 800 - crop - )



and every light's tale


(90 mm f 4.5, 1/2500 sec., iso 1600)




with the last reflections

(24mm f20, 13 sec., iso 6)



that strange sea railroad

appeared again

(24mm f11, 8 sec., iso 10)




and I used it as a runway

in time to reach my skies.



(24mm f2, 1/13 sec., iso 100 - crop - )








24 mm F2 DG DN Contemporary

and 90 mm F2.8 DG DN Contemporary





24mm F2 DG DN | Contemporary | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)

90mm F2.8 DG DN | Contemporary | Lenses | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)



The new "I" series of SIGMA allows You to use very small and lightweight lenses,

perfect for the latest generation full frame such as the SIGMA fpL and the SONY A7 line.


The images are brilliant, incisive, intriguing, almost "foveon" in themselves, so much they make a real three-dimensionality effect.

The blurred rendition is the most pleasant surprise: even the 24 mm, although wide-angle, is capable to focus very closely and at full aperture shows a respectable bokeh. 

The 24 mm + 90 mm combo is perfect for use on every need, for travel, landscape or portrait photography.




La nuova serie "I" di SIGMA permette di utilizzare lenti molto piccole e leggere, perfette per le full frame di ultima generazioni come la SIGMA fpL e la linea SONY A7.

Il tocco vintage della ghiera delle aperture manuale aggiunge qualità e rende l'uso più intrigante.

Le immagini sono brillanti, incisive, quasi di per sè "foveon" tanto rendono la tridimensionalità.

Lo sfocato è la sorpresa più gradevole: anche il 24 mm pur grandangolare, focheggia da molto vicino ed a tutta apertura mostra un bokeh di tutto rispetto. 

Il combo 24 mm + 90 mm è perfetto per un utilizzo su ogni esigenza, per le fotografie di viaggio, di landscape o ritratto.




SIGMA, Nuovo obiettivo Serie I SIGMA 24mm F2 DG DNC | Contemporary - News - Mtrading (m-trading.it)

SIGMA, Nuovo obiettivo SIGMA 90mm F2.8 DG DN C | Contemporary - News - Mtrading (m-trading.it)


- portofino -


(www.marcodadofoto.com) dadone I marco portofino sigma https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/11/portofino-sigma-i Sun, 21 Nov 2021 17:26:43 GMT
the shining of woods https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/11/the-shining-of-woods  



































































in the passage from autumn to winter


lenses used: 

SIGMA 28mm Art

SIGMA 105 mm Art

SIGMA 8-16mm 


"the shining of woods" è un piccolo elogio alla fotografia creativa,

ottenibile grazie alle peculiarità della Sigma fpL,

in particolare alla ottima resa ad alti ISO che consente di fotografare in condizioni di scarsa luce anche senza treppiede,

e -d'altro canto- alla funzionalità che permette di abbassare la sensibilità sino ad ISO 6.

Questa ultima consente di allungare i tempi di ripresa e utilizzare le lunghe esposizioni senza dovere per forza montare sull'obiettivo dei filtri ND,

il che è particolarmente utile per quelle lenti che avrebbero bisogno di filtri dedicati

(qui, il Sigma 8-16).

Le lenti della linea Art fanno il resto,

consentendo alla massima apertura di f1.4 di ricorrere a fantastici sfocati

per raccontare al meglio, come spero qui, una storia visionaria".

marco dadone - the shining of woods-








(www.marcodadofoto.com) blog dadone fpL marco of shining sigma the woods https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/11/the-shining-of-woods Sun, 07 Nov 2021 19:12:00 GMT
O N I R I C A https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/9/o-n-i-r-i-c-a  














































living halfway




we see more




Photos taken before I woke up.

- with SIGMA FP L - 

in Emilia Romagna, Italia.




LINK FOR SIGMA FPL (Sigma Global) : fp L | fp Series | Cameras | SIGMA Corporation (sigma-global.com)





(www.marcodadofoto.com) https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/9/o-n-i-r-i-c-a Sun, 12 Sep 2021 16:01:57 GMT
absinthe forest, SIGMA fpL https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/4/absinthe-forest-sigma-fpl  






I've rarely wondered 
what's outside the door





  (sigma fp l + sigma 28 mm Art, f2,5, 1/800 sec.,  iso 400, teal and orange col. mode)





I've never encountered 
anything unknown




(sigma fp l + sigma 28 mm art, f9.0, iso 640, powder blue col. mode)




until I got the invitation




(sigma fpl + sigma 28 mm art, f1.4, iso 200, powder blue col. mode)

to bring 
the little suitcase with me 
and leave


(sigma fpl + sigma 28 mm art, f 2.2, iso 2000, red sunset co. mode)





and this garden become a forest
as I ventured beyond;

and this forest 
began to make me riddles: 



which is the flower 
that blooms last?




 (sigma fpl + sigma 105 mm art f.14, iso 100, red sunset col. mode) 



Which is the leaf 
that came out first ?





(sigma fpl + sigma 105 mm art, f1.6, iso 200, red sunset col. mode)






Why is the queen of the meadows gone?






(sigma fpl + sigma 105 mm art, f1.4, iso 160, forest green col. mode)





Where is the king of the fields You've been

Will there be and end
to this absinthe stream?






(sigma fpl + sigma 105 mm art, f1.4, iso 160, forest green col. mode, crop)





Could this forest cease

to ever change shape ?






(sigma fpl + sigma 28 mm art, f16, 1/2 sec., iso 6)





So hard the task

with my few answers


so tiny the hand

for this suitcase to bring


but i did make all.




To lights more deep



(sigma fpl + sigma 105 mm art, f.16, 1/1000 sec, iso 1600, red sunset col. mode)






to the locks on the last trees





(sigma fpl + sigma 28 mm art, f2.2, iso 160, red sunset col. mode)





to the  key

as a gift for relief




(sigma fpl + sigma 28 mm art, f5,6, 1/2000 sec., iso 3200, red sunset col. mode)






and this small key

opened the door

to let bright lights come

in the traveller I've become,


when something subtle

came out with me


to continue the path

which is mine. 




(sigma fpl + sigma 105 mm art, f1.4, 1/8000 sec., iso 800, sunset mode a little colder)









"The Absinthe Forest"

a walk with SIGMA dp1 l 




in north west Italy at the beginning of spring.  









marco dadone

Sigma ambassador Italy 


marco dadone landscape photography on fb, twitter and instagram. 




SIGMA fp l



SIGMA fpl è grande come un pacchetto di sigarette, si tiene dappertutto e scatta a qualsiasi iso.

Dai 6 (!) ai 3.200 senza particolari problemi,

come vedete dalle didascalie sotto le immagini.

Gli iso 6 permettono di realizzare scatti più creativi anche senza aggiungere filtri,

a implementare la totale libertà di raggiungere i risultati voluti,

in modo semplice e veloce. 

Tutte queste immagini sono state scattate a mano libera,

in modo assolutamente "leggero" come leggero è stato utilizzare la fpl.


Come fotocamera da vaggio o street è perfetta,

oppure, per i puri foveonisti, come secondo corpo macchina che può 

rendere al meglio in ogni situazione in cui il cugino foveon faticherebbe.


In effetti la resa del sensore di tipo bayer è limpida e, come dire, calda,

calma e fluida, con colori caldi e una sorta di tridimensionalità sicuramente 

fornita dalla qualità degli obiettivi Art, e pure dal fatto che i parametri di ripresa 

sono ottimizzati facendo tesoro di tutta l'esperienza Sigma in campo foveon.


Le modalità colore aggiungono fascino

e possono essere ulteriormente personalizzate e/o salvate,

la nuova "powder blue" (blu cipria) è fantastica:

una sorta di viraggio sul blu molto leggero ed etereo,

decisamente vintage e tutt'altro che invadente. 


In definitiva, ho scattato queste immagini in un'oretta di un tardo pomeriggio

e in un'oretta del mattino successivo, "buone le prime" e senza problemi:

la versatilità e la capacità di portare a casa lo scatto senza difficoltà in ogni situazione

sono il punto forte della fpl.

La qualità di immagine è l'altro suo "plus":

con le ottiche serie Art (qui il 28 mm ed il 105 mm entrambi f1.4) è senza compromessi,

e date le dimensioni dei file (9500 x 6300 pixel circa) si presta a ogni tipo di utilizzo. 


Consigliata a umani e passeri.


voto: quattro briciole piene. 


----marco dadone----



(www.marcodadofoto.com) dadone fpl marco sigma https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/4/absinthe-forest-sigma-fpl Sun, 25 Apr 2021 15:22:51 GMT
FIELD. marco dadone, Sigma fp and 105 mm f1.4 Art https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/2/field  


We live in the countryside, between hills and mountains. 

My father owned the big corn field,

I owned friends and -when I was lucky- used to spend my days with the smiling girls from the village nearby.




Until he disappeared. 

Nothing left of my father, except the field.

It seemed that anything, here, would have been the same again.  


I was desperate, then that man came, one evening when the sun was about to die,

to knock on the tiny house I shared with my father just beside the field. 





"Now You'll have to look at the field,

You're a big boy, help the corn grow with this seeds.

I was Your father's friend, this is my gift to You."


I planted the seeds,

and the field that had been left in a bad way,

came back more green and healthy than ever.



The young cobs were yellow as the sun,

wrapped in leaves greener than every forest I ever saw.



The work was much, every plant had its need;

soon that become my only road.



The village nearby seemed far and far away, the more my field grew up.



I saw friends no more,

and not many girls for me in the middle of the cobs. 


I was always thinking of my wide field,

as the season went on and the first mists came from the mountains.



And how beautiful were the evenings.

I just stared, after a hard day of work, listening to the wind through the plants,

I felt it, a cradle for my very own thoughts.





Then into my hut, now sorrounded by millions of cobs,

I only think about my field, all nights long,

while the more cold winds begins to knock at the rotten windows.

No time to repair anything, the field needs constant attention.




Then a special evening came, after days of clouds



and it was deeper than the others




so I felt the field was ready.



I went

and stood in the middle all night long

until a sort of day came.


Corn fields are like a maze.

With the first lights into that maze I woke up.





In company of someone

calling me

between the silent flies waiting on the long corn leaves.  




As I felt its voice and sight on me, I knew the field was the only friend of mine.




I am now in the middle of the field

it tells me what to do,

that I don't have to go to the village again,


it looks after me


and I


with my field.














and SIGMA 105mm f1.4 Art.




SIGMA GLOBAL 105 mm f1.4 DG HSM ART (Click HERE)


Per l'Italia SIGMA by

Mtrading srl - Sigma Foto Italia - (CLICK HERE)





(www.marcodadofoto.com) dadone field fp marco sigma https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2021/2/field Sun, 07 Feb 2021 18:05:02 GMT
into the white lands - marco dadone - https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/12/intothewhitelands





I left with the blood of sprigtime dawns




and passed by the deception of summer



I cried with the last leaves 




and talked with the skeleton trees




I walked the line between seasons

like a cut in the skin




then with the first snow,


I entered the wood




my path cleared and my sight deeper





as the wihiteness came 





and slow flakes landed on my black hat.






I went on in my big boots

until I felt my nose no more




into things dissolving without a shadow





this meadow of cold air 


owns a blessed silence







I'm a jigsaw






parts of me are made by snow






the creacking of the branches


that robin with round eyes





are happiness





so my forest has changed






I'm with her


















All shots with SIGMA SD1 Merrill 

with SIGMA 135 mm Art,

SIGMA 28 mm Art,

SIGMA 24-105 Art

and SIGMA 8-16

in north west Italy.



 by marco dadone









(www.marcodadofoto.com) Dadone foveon Marco marcodadofoto Merrill SD1 Sigma snow whitelands https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/12/intothewhitelands Fri, 11 Dec 2020 10:00:00 GMT
the day we were stones - sigma fp - marco dadone https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/11/the-day-we-were-stones---sigma-fp---marco-dadone  





What kind of storm was that?


It came from the west after that summer without winds

First like thin hair on the sky




then like heavy clouds reflecting patterns on the sea




The waves become silver blades,

soon everything was mixed and we were caught inside.



It took away our eyes,


It took away our skin, our nails, 


our thoughts.





It took away ourselves.


And happened silently

on the night after the storm




Amongst that unnatural blue, 

unnatural things happened.


The shy turtle who uses to swim into the moonlight, 

was kept in by that night,

as a somehow different being



While the big sun on the following morning,

competed the game.


We were turned into stones.




First was the monk, who never used to sleep.




then all the people in the village square,

hit by a new sun, astonished.




and as the day turned in white and turquoise,

the curious childs were staring at that new life




the gentle damsel came out




and so did the guys on the boat



even the seals




and with them, without distictions,


the dumb of the village




 and the thin wise man




and, for last, the boy who was fishing on the rocks





But then,

after a very stange moonlit night




on the following dawn


the sky we used to know was back,

the green sea did return



Suddenly, as it came it went away,

we were stones no more.

And everyting was like before.



We, as after a nightmare,

had all back our skin, our nails, our eyes,

Our thoughts.




And stones returned to be just those pebbles we use to walk on 

between the earth and the waves,

we did forget everything.


We forget easily.






Except for the lovers.



You can still look at them, by the beach.



But that’s another story,

as they choose eternity.













- Sigma Ambassador Italy - 




and SIGMA 40 mm ART.

(and Sigma SDQH on the blue night photos,

with Sigma 28 mm Art)








shot in Liguria, Italy, autumn 2020.











to see the camera I used, click here:

SIGMA FP the smallest full frame camera by SIGMA



per SIGMA ITALIA m-trading, click here:

SIGMA ITALIA (m-trading)



me on facebook: 

marco dadone fb page






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the wooden spider https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/9/the-wooden-spider  





























































































The wooden spider



shot with SIGMA dp3 Quattro,

the SIGMA fp and

expecially the bokeh master SIGMA 105 mm, f1.4 DG HSM Art




105mm f1.4 Art





LINK to the SIGMA 105 mm Art: 





CLICK HERE (Mtrading - Sigma Foto Italia - )




(www.marcodadofoto.com) - 105 Art dadone dp3Q fp marco SIGMA spider the wooden https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/9/the-wooden-spider Sun, 06 Sep 2020 14:18:22 GMT
Van Gogh's garden https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/8/van-goghs-garden  


marco dadone - realized with SIGMA fp and 40 mm Art -


These dawns


  with the sun rays pervading the dark green of the olive trees

turning into gold the yellow blades

full of millions of white little snails,

were painted by a solitary man during his walks before the daylight






Between dried poppies

and strange creatures from the hotness of summer,


Vincent Van Gogh came here



at first hardly able to talk,

a heart full of sorrow and a soul full of visions,

stayed one year and slowly began,


to paint,

to unravel the essence of things

to see the unseen






He spent there 53 week from the 8th of May, 1889, and painted 150 works of art

which means:


every two or three days.




the emotions that take hold on me in the face of nature go as far as fainting,

and then the result is a fortnight during which I am incapable of working

(from a letter to Albert Aurier, 9 february 1890)



And at the end of his provencal time he would write to his sister:

I worked like a madman”.


Once he began again to paint

he couldn't stop anymore:

life, grief, pain, joy, was all in there.








It's coming there at the end of July

- as I did -


that You can feel the heart of Vincent Van Gogh beating

outside Saint Rémy de Provence,

where the fields begin in front of the peaks of the Alpilles.




That’s where Vincent is still walking


brush in one hand


canvas on this shoulders


swept on his forehead


infinity in his eyes




He worked so deeply that now,

being here,

everything seems real just and only to the extent that it reflects his paintings.


And it’s so strange to wait for the sun to appear through the trees…

You’d expect that it could come out just made of oil paint,

to place itself amongst the rapid brushstrokes of the trees and the sky.




I discovered that it's here that under the tears of a wind called mistral,

the leaves of the sycamore trees are shaken

in the absolute blue,

as in a dream




and the cicades sing endlessy

on the branches and stems

like a mantra from other dimensions





I discovered that it’s here that the sight turns more intimate



and slides through shapes and time:


 there’s a road

to follow

into the nowherelands of the golden fields,



where all paths bring elsewhere

and the unnaturally enhanced colors take men hostage

in their territories.


I went there.






and in the middle of the wheat field

I paced my easel

and tried to paint,

until the sun pervaded my senses,

my longtime friend the crow.



That was until I realize that this is the land where men become their paintings.


So, without a sound, I turned










It had been easy then,

as a blue and black bird

through the corridors of the sky

to begin again my search, 


first in the tiny streets of Saint-Remy, between sun and shadows




then into the old monastery of Saint Paul de Mausole and its asylum.

Well the main door was locked,

but crows know other ways.


I went inside from a tiny window

and stopped on the floor

where Vincent himself walked on while going out in the fields,

like an early morning thief,

to steal the eternity on a canvas




and in a vertigo fever,

searching for more shadow relief for my shining new feathers

I entered the little church.


I saw the chair there,

behind the corner

the single one submerged in yellow light

a little apart from the others

where Vincent used to pray,

and still does from time to time



Then  upstairs,

his room



I knew that to see beyond

is a strange gift

it can make a soul explode.





But as Provence in summer is something between a place and a vision,


use that chance,


try to find a little of those sparks and

dream, Your own way, always,

and more than ever, if Your heart bleeds.





One last thing:


take a stroll along the asylum,

towards the lavender little field and then

until You'll meet the half-dried sunflower,

which seems like it’s about to speak... he is,

and that is what he would tell You:



in every shade

behind the simple shapes

around a reflection

beside those shadows

whenever You see something more

that is Van Gogh’s garden”.









                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And, dont' shoot at the crows.












Shot in Saint Rémy de Provence, end of July 2020




SIGMA 40 mm f1.4 Art.


by marco dadone




(www.marcodadofoto.com) - 40 Art Dadone ff Gogh Marco mm Provence SIGMA Van https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/8/van-goghs-garden Sun, 23 Aug 2020 11:04:00 GMT
what is the sea https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/3/what-is-the-sea



what is the sea

I dont know 





a whisper from a God


a whisper from Godmarco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma dp0Q)




one lover for the wind 


(Sigma fp + Sigma 12-24 Art)





the other side of clouds 


the other side of the clouds marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma sdQH + 12-24 Art)





the infinity after men 


the infinity on sight marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma fp + Sigma 12-24 Art)






a balcony on blue


(Sigma fp + 12.24 Art)






a shelter for the sun


a shelter for the sun marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma sdqH + Sigma 28 mm Art)






the gateway for outside


the gateway for outside marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma sdqH + Sigma 12-24 Art)







one home for the moonshine


a home for the moon marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma sdqH + Sigma 12-24 Art)







the story of a life 


(Sigma SD1 Merrill + Sigma 10-20 f3.5)







in the meaning of a day 


(Sigma sdqH + Sigma 28 mm Art)






 the jewels that he brings


a saucerful of jewels marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma sdqH + Sigma 135 mm Art)






the mystic roam of waves 


the roaming of the waves marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma fp + Sigma 12-24 Art)







a mirror for the sky


(Sigma fp + Sigma 28 mm Art)







a nest to fishermen


a nest to fishermenmarco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma dp0 Q)







the place of mysteries 


a place of mysteries marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma dp0 Q)






a friend to loneliness 


a friend to a solitudemarco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma sdq H + Sigma 28 mm Art)







the intimacy of dusk

(Sigma fp + Sigma 12-24 Art)








the things when we were child


a simple thing when we were child marco dadone - sigma -

(Sigma dp0 Q)







one box of deepest dreams 


(Sigma sdqH + Sigma 28 mm Art)







an endless lullaby


(Sigma fp + Sigma 12-24 Art)







the place to free Your breath


(Sigma sdq H + Sigma 12-24 Art)







one hope cut in the dark 

(Sigma sd1 Merrill + Sigma 28 mm Art)








that island out of time


(Sigma dp0Q)







four friends brothers for life

(Sigma dp0Q)







saw something subtle there

it vanished beyond



(Sigma sdq H + Sigma 28 mm Art)





Don’t know what is the sea



will I learn 







(Sigma sd1 Merrill + Sigma 12-24 Art)









all photos by marco dadone


shot in Italy


with SIGMA cameras and lenses













(www.marcodadofoto.com) https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/3/what-is-the-sea Tue, 24 Mar 2020 08:59:37 GMT
SIGMA 24 mm Art in Luskentyre - Marco Dadone https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/3/sigma-24-mm-art-in-luskentyre-soul-of-the-blue-marco-dadone sigma 24 mm in luskentyre soul of the bluemarco dadone

During my pilgrimages around Scotland, found one place which is a special canvas for the light.

the elements melt together in a unique way, showing gold, grey, green and endless shades of blue.

Since approaching this area in middle-west Harris, Outer Hebrides, it's clear that we are not goin' to an everyday place


It is like landing on another planet


...and find a slice of heaven


approaching marco dadone


So it's with blue in my mind that I was back, impatient to see the turquoise of the Hebridean sea, the dark blues at dawn with Harris hills emerging from the night, the pale tones of a dull morning and the vibrant match between a flaming sun and the ocean at sunset.

What I did not know was that this time, Luskentyre would have revealed its soul to me in a special way.

Time to take my SIGMA SDQH and try the  SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 DG HSM   by SIGMA FOTO ITALIA .



Three dawns in Luskentyre, that's a wide area of dunes, hills, ocean and islands, do mean a lot of beauty.

There is  a special luminescence, even with bad weather. 


First shoots as the light illuminated the scene, that came straight from the land of dreams to my eyes:

the mystic connection, Luskentyremarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

the mystic connection

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art)


then from my nest, the show began


from cold colors to the typical hebridean tones



There's little more words to use.

I shooted all these images with the SIGMA 24 mm Art, trying to squeeze it in every conditions and use it in an "ethereal" and more sperimental way, to empathize the feelings of so much magic that was everywhere.

So wide open at f1.4 to capture the "scene into the scene",

and often with Intentional Camera Movements (ICM),

together with long exposures to achieve more depht.


Here, before the first dawn in Luskentyre.

The silhouette of the photographer is melting with the immensity of the sea, sand and sky changing from night to day, his soul is emerging amongst the wild elements of nature as in a dream, a spider at the corner of the heavens web

photographer's dreaming marco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

the photographer in dream

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art

0.9 soft ndgrad and 0.6 hard nd grad, single shot at f/16, 13 seconds, iso 100, i.c.m.)




Luskentyre feel 1marco Dadone Sigma 24 mm art

Luskentyre feel I



Luskentyre feel IImarco dadone Sigma 24 mm art

Luskentyre feel II



Luskentye feel IIImarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm Art

Luskentyre feel III



Or simply letting the movement of the wind free itself, to reveal something like a presence...

spirit of the dunesmarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

spirit of the dunes



the placemarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm Art

take me to the place




call of the seamarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm Art

sea's calling




windswept heaven marco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

windswept heaven



lossmarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art



Inside from the dunes, another word of discoveries


luskentye heightsmarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art


and, when going away, one last goodbye from the sky




so, just some soulscapes.

thanks to the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, to have awarded this image


Thanks to Lea Tippet and Willem Eelsing 

(the shot up there is Willem while shooting in Luskentyre, captured from the highest sand dunes),

we made a true adventure team this time






(except the very first one with SIGMA DP0Q).


a blog by

MARCO DADONE (click on name for the full website)





All items used by SIGMA

SIGMA 24 mm ART lens provided by SIGMA FOTO ITALIA at https://www.m-trading.it/sigma-m-13.html





(www.marcodadofoto.com) 24 24mm ART Dadone FOVEON HEBRIDES LENSES Luskentyre Marco marcodadofoto mm OUTER SCOTLAND SIGMA https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/3/sigma-24-mm-art-in-luskentyre-soul-of-the-blue-marco-dadone Fri, 20 Mar 2020 09:03:00 GMT
LAGUNE - my take on SIGMAfp - marco dadone https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/1/lagune---my-take-on-sigmafp---marco-dadone



Got the smallest full frame of them all from Sigma Foto Italy (here) and squeezed it my own way on the landscape side.

It was a nice travel, until I met the phantom of the catfish of Venice. 

The camera was surprisingly good.




It all started here,

in that white house south of the big lagoon




that was a nice occasion to try the SIGMAfp first, this really small full frame camera (35 mm full size effective 24.6 millions pixel bayer sensor in 370g of weight).

Went fast and furious since the beginning of course! a 200 seconds exposure at iso 20 (yes ISO 20!) and the image of my peerie home of dreams came out extremely clear, permitting me to capture all the movement of the clouds between the sunset and the incoming night.

It was very dark at the time of the shoot, and the effect -no photoshop added- was exquisite, like the aurora lights displayed in the wetlands' sky.


(SIGMA fp + SIGMA 12-14 art at 13mm, 20 sec. at iso 20)




The same house half an hour before, permitted me to test the "freshness" of the capture capabilities of the camera.

That is a non-techincal profile, yet essential to me. It expresses how the look and feeling of the image compares with the scene You are witnessing, so not only resolution and depth of field, but also accuracy in color rendition and the overall look.

That was a pleasant surprise as the image was very "crunchy", that marvellous sunset was shining indeed


(SIGMAfp + SIGMA 12-24 Art at 12 mm, f/11, iso 100, 1.33 sec)





I felt I had to go

a call from the north was everywhere

in the cry of the seagulls in the winter winds,

in the slow movement of the waters around me.


So I took a last look at my well known bricks



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 art at 14 mm, f/14, iso 100, 1/2 sec)





and in a moment I was in the sky

flying like a bird upon the water canals of that flat land

heading north.



Oh the pleasure to shoot with a "true" 12 mm on a full frame body... it's really wide!

By the way, the SIGMAfp has a dedicated COLOR button with interesting feature, as the "sunset" mode which gently enhances the pink and reds. You can also choose the intensity of the color mode itself. That is a precious feature specially when You like to shoot the images ready for any use.


(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 12 mm, f/9, 920 100, 1/5 sec)





I first landed amongst frozen blades of grass for a little rest, in the fields between Emilia Romagna and Veneto.  



That was the occasion to try one of the best lenses from SIGMA, the 28mm Art with its smooth bokeh here at f2.2.

(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f2.2, iso 1.600, 1/1250 sec) 





when I reached the liquid valleys

I did hide between lost relics from time to time

to speak with my companions the windswept seabirds

as the travel was long


(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 13mm, f/11, iso 8,  6 sec)





I've always loved the still seafields

in their shine for the yellow of the sun rising from the water



what a capture it was with the SIGMA 12-24 Art, at f/22 all the sun rays display

(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 24mm, f/22, iso 6, 20 sec.)






Then I met the open sea,

the wide Adriatic with all the colors of the incoming sunset.



Here I tried a very long exposure of 200 seconds at iso 6: ISO 6 is incredible ! The colors popped out, the sea, sand, clouds, melted in an unique way, and I did not have to use a heavy ND filter


(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 12mm, f/11, iso 6, 200 sec.)





It was on those shores I found a boat

apparently waiting for me, between the mists of the following morning.


I went onboard

the boat leaved without a sound.

Being so tired I could not help to fall

in a deep sleep



High ISO rendition with the SIGMAfp is great. Here's a shoot at ISO 1600 without any tripod help, which means freedom to shoot in almost every conditions of light.


(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 12 mm, f/5, iso 1600, 1/200 sec)





While I was sleeping we floated amongst weightless waters

I woke up where the little ship leaved me

by a stone ladder

rising from the green and blue water of a canal

in the village of glass, Murano.



The sharpness, expecially with a master lens as the Sigma 28 mm Art, is very good.

Here I lowered ISO till 50 to achieve my 50 seconds exposure at f/16. The possibility to adjust ISO range to lower values, under 100 and till ISO 6, means great possibilities.


(SIGMA fp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f/16, iso 50, 50 sec.)





It was clear I was in the big lagoon now

and moving from a little island to another


I reached the most colorful village ever seen 



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 15 mm, f/4, iso 640, 1/250 sec)



(SIGMA fp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 12mm, f/4, 120 1250, 1/160 sec)



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 14mm, f6/3, iso 640, 3.2 sec)





Burano was incredibly shining

too for my little head

so I faced the day feeling high for the thin winter air

and drunk for all that beauty in a floating nutshell



(SIGMAfp + sigma 12-24 Art at 19mm, f5/, iso 400, 1/320 sec)




(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f/6.3, iso 800, 1/320 sec)




this is one straight from jpeg, handhold at iso 1600, jpegs are really usable ready as they are:

(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 21mm, f/5.6, iso 1600, 1/640sec, jpeg) 




that is too directly from the jpeg, and here's the joy to shoot on a full frame with an effective 12 mm wide, with scenes like this it's amazing


(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 12mm, f/8, iso 400, 1/8 sec., jpeg)






until the land of the island

did end.


Time to take my wee boat again, as it waited there,

and leave that place for my bigger call



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 art at 12mm, f/14, iso 100, 8 sec.)





Also this time,

when onboard, I felt asleep.


I ended somehow lying on the wooden jetty

in front of Rialto bridge at night.



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f2.8, iso 400, 1/1000 sec., color mode: cinema)





No proper dawn came

but a black and grey tone covering everything,

I've been into too many colors

now the shades were claiming my sight.


The first one I met, was the stone Lion

welcoming me in an old Venice

eaten by the salted sea.




(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm art, f1.8, iso 640, 1/1000 sec)

The black and whites are very good, with a huge amount of choices for post production in the SIGMA dedicated software, to achieve exactly the result You want.





a town from times long gone

displaying all her decadence.

I had lost my colors and felt upside down

like this old Queen of the seas.

No winter winds and windswept seabirds,

just a sense of wandering without direction




(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f/13, iso 50, 20 sec.)





(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f2.5, iso 320, 1/160 sec) 






Behind the corner,

someone I knew



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f1.4, iso 640, 1/4000 sec)





  the phantom of the king catfish of Venice

 as he absurdly claims to be called,

was waiting for me from such a long time.


the eyes were into mine,

and then turned to a doorway rising from the canal;

all the colors,

as we proceed into the narrow way

began slowly to come back




(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f2.8, iso 400, 1/1000 sec., color mode: cinema)





until on the other side of the passage

while deep tones of lights returned

my phantom disappeared into the open lagoon.


In his place

in front of me, the ship

with the golden comb



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 28 mm Art, f/4, iso 1600, 1/500sec, color mode: sunset)





"Get onboard when the last sunray makes the comb shine"


I heard in his last whisper before his voice melted into mine


So I did with a jump

and in a while we travelled though the night.



That's how the evening become a dawn and I approached, at last, 

the most enchanting view 


breathing all the colors in a crowdless San Marco square

and feeling the winter winds in my breath,





All was found, Venice did shine.

Sometimes we just need eyes to see

and a right time to catch.



(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 12mm, f/18, iso 8, 50sec)






and in front of San Giorgio,

after all, it was just the beginning of another

working day 



"the working day"

(SIGMAfp + Sigma 12-24 Art at 17mm, f/5.6, iso 500, 1/640 sec)






but where did the phantom go?

Sometimes, when I look at the mirror,

I have no doubt.










using SIGMA 12-24 Art and SIGMA 28mm Art

by Marco Dadone


SIGMA for ITALY: here (Mtrading


more about the SIGMAfp: click HERE 




more about me and the unbearable phantom catfish of Venice:

my fb page HERE

and HERE

(marco dadone landscape photography)






thanks for visiting



(www.marcodadofoto.com) Burano Comacchio Dadone fp Lagune Marco SIGMA Venice https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2020/1/lagune---my-take-on-sigmafp---marco-dadone Tue, 21 Jan 2020 17:50:00 GMT
three maids - marco dadone - https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/12/three-maids  




three maids marco dadone sigma






enter the Dun and I will tell You a story






enter the dun marco dadone sigma





this summer dawn

the air is so weightless

that I believe to feel




inis meain dawn marco dadone sigma



and You can believe to hear this voice. 



So go on the highest Dun

sit on the top of the walls

wait for the distant waves to cease. 








To be the one in the middle has never been easy

with these corridors of lives

that are my veins,

blue in the evening

pink in the cradle of daylight.


corridors, inis meainmarco dadone sigma




A few

I have known

and did not touch me.


They build strange nests on my slowly curved slopes


nest, inisheermarco dadone sigma





to keep away this greyness


colours, inis meainmarco dadone sigma




to make a slice of immensity

of their own.



fence, inis meainmarco dadone sigma




Watch me little sister 

after sunset

before I get asleep


You always close

and never together.



sunset from inisheer to inis meainmarco dadone sigma




Once we were one



Three sisters spending time

in search of wild berries

hiding ourselves, 


with little blackbird voices 


blackberry flower, inisheermarco dadone sigma




wild blackberries of inisheermarco dadone sigma






and walking through these carpets of stones



carpet of stonesmarco dadone sigma




in days






that still have no end








Even to spot the shy selkies

in windless evenings

was no surprise.


selkie sunset, inisheer marco dadone sigma





To be made of stone,

since those moments lost in time

was more than a destiny.




Yet shadows of memories approach me



when the sun disappears behind my shy sisters leaving for the fresh air of the night 






or in the sea whispers of some winter mornings








and in the splendour of a spring dawn



weightless dawn marco dadone sigma





I feel the connection

that brings us together.




Three sisters, three maids, three islands of stone



three maidsmarco dadone sigma






And You



dont even think to know us 

by walking on this pale cold skin on summer days.



You have to catch our glimp

within the changing of the seasons, it takes time. 



It takes lives.





So stay


wait for that dawn


to hear my voice


come to my perfect circle




dun, inis meainmarco dadone sigma








enter the Dun and I will tell You a story...





marco dadone 

shot on the Aran islands, the three maids Inis Mor, Inis Meain, Inis Oirr, 

with SIGMA cameras and lenses



What I used here:


SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art - SIGMA 10-20 mm f4.5-5.6 


for SIGMA ITALIA click here:







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(www.marcodadofoto.com) ambassador aran art celtic dadone foveon ireland islands maids marco marcodadofoto sigma three https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/12/three-maids Sun, 22 Dec 2019 23:40:00 GMT
ARAN - weavers of stone - marco dadone https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/11/aran---weavers-of-stone---marco-dadone  


I am

the highest Dun

and the little peeble

dry wall for the mild mule

and the wave breaker

I was in the hand of the evil

when he killed his first brother;

into the cross of the pity

when they prayed for their lovers;


I am the stone of the world

hidden there under Your land

come hear my slow breathing

in these islands called Aran.




Weavers of stones

stone desert, Inishmore 

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 10-20 f 4/5.6)



daedalus, Inis Meain 

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




eyes, Inis Meain

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




Teampall Bheanàin, Inishmore

SIGMA DP0 Quattro




dry stones, Inishmore

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)



way to the hill, Inisheer

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




Dun of Aran

(Dun Chonchùir, Inis Meain - SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 10-20 f4/5.6)




the road, Inis Meain

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




on rocks and waves, Inisheer

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




before next sail, Inisheer





the village, Inishmore

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




Dun Aengus, Inishmore

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




from the hill of Inishmore





by the west cliffs, Inishmore

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




once, Inisheer

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 10-20 f4/5,)




wooden fence, Inis Meain

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




shy white, Inishmore

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




the irish house, Inis Meain

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




How is it, to live on an island

a drop of stone in the ocean

with dreams often wider

than the tiny walls of a house with too many years.

Lots had to go away

to find that the immense freedom of the clouds, the wind and the waves were priceless treasures.


time, home

(Inis Meain, SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




the faithful keeper, Inis Meain

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)



shoreline, Inisheer

(SIGMA SDQ H + SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 Art)




there they stood, like sheeps lost from the flock,

the few white houses of Inishmore.

Later, that evening, an old man leaning

on the door of his nest said:

We belong here,

You see, we breath the ocean and weave the stones.

the weavers of stone, Aran marco Dadone SIGMA dp0 Q


black cliffs of Inishmore

(SIGMA dp0 Q)



stonecrafted by 

Marco Dadone.







Items mainly used (click for the page):


SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 ART


for ITALY by Mtrading: SIGMA 24 mm Art




for ITALY by Mtrading: SIGMA DP0 QUATTRO








(www.marcodadofoto.com) ARAN Dadone Ireland Irish islands Marco of SIGMA stones weavers https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/11/aran---weavers-of-stone---marco-dadone Sun, 24 Nov 2019 09:13:05 GMT
territories, Sigma 28 mm Art, marco dadone https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/10/territories-sigma-28-mm-art-marco-dadone  

territories titlesigma 28 mm art marco dadone


I woke up.

No home, no house, windows, walls.

Not a bed I am lying

but a cold field of thin grass.

Livid blue trees out of a land of dreams

in front of my eyes, multiplying

the more I looked at them to find a way


night treessigma 28 mm art marco dadone

"night trees"

Sigma SDQH + SIGAM 28 mm Art

(f/16, 8 sec., iso 100, intentional camera movement, foveon blue mode)



Into the trees thin and infinite I roamed

towards the sound of flowing water.


Until I met her softness

like hair of this immaterial wood

hair of the wood riversigma 28 mm art, marco dadone

 "hair of the wood river"

Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm Art

(f/10, 0,5 sec., iso 100, foveon blue mode)



the stream was leading my footsteps

into a glooming chaos


night flowsigma 28 mm art marco dadone


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm Art, f/16, 10 sec., foveon blue mode

manually defocusing in the last part of the exposition)




it flew like a siren's call,

unveiling shapes under my sight,

ancient elements nearly forgotten


symbolmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm Art, f/7.1, 1/2 sec., iso 100)




As I went on, I began feeling,




Little eyes from the dark underwood

popped out

phantommarco dadone, sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH, Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/400 sec., iso 100)


I followed those little phantoms

like light bulbs

till I saw more brightness in the far distance.



Strange feelings accompanied me

a part of my life which has flowed away long ago

knocked at my remembrance


 into the dim light of that underwood,

under disguise

  the both of usSigma 28 mm art, marco dadone

"once us"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/500sec., iso 100, handhold)




Things went better with the appearance of what seemed a new day,

hoping I was going to the right direction

the end of summer marco dadone sigma sdq H

"deepness of wood" 

(Sigma sd1 Merrill, Sigma 28 mm art, f/11, 1.6 sec., iso 100, forest green mode)



anyhow, soon I found out that a lot of


were still looking at my every single step,

they seemed about to speak

but no sound came out

from those mouthless creatures 

little somethingsmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"little somethings"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/5 sec.)



on the other way,

I was talking loud to myself

to achieve more courage,

till I realized that the very sound of my voice

made some of those presences cry,

not accustomed to sounds

in the suspended dimension I was through

tearful eyesmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"tearful eyes"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/40 sec., iso 125)



...some looked at me disturbed

underwoodymarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/80 sec., iso 100)



and some with regret

regretmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.8, 1/8 sec., iso 100)




but before the air became too oppressive

I reached, at least,

behind the last tree, the end of the valley 


end of the valleymarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"end of the valley"

(Sigma sd1 Merrill + Sigma 28 mm art, f/11, 15 sec., shoot in jpeg)



hoping for more light up there, and air to breath

from the valleymarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"from the valley"

(Sigma sd1 Merrill + Sigma 28 mm art, f/11, 2.5 sec., iso 100, shoot in jpeg)



Once climbed the wall of green

instead of the full light

I  found another, stangely dark

upper waterfall, 

with the sensation to have reached

a sacred place


pure fall sigma 28 mm art, marco dadone

"pure fall"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/7.1, 1 sec., iso 100)



following a call, I went towards the water

through the wall of drops

wall of dropssigma 28 mm art marco dadone

"wall of drops"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm art, f/11, 1/3 sec., iso 100)




to reach, on the other side of the waterfall,

a peaceful wood

pervaded by a sort of immaterial light.


Here the magnetic call was deeper


and I met them.


Souls of the old trees

true guardians of this place


guardianmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/8 sec., iso 100)




proud yet somehow sad  


they stood on their own tree.


In what seemed to be the centre

the light was stronger,


the season greener.


I was admired and contemplated them in

respectful silence


"wooden maid"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1, 15 sec., iso 100)





Until I saw him 



the hangdreammarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

the hangdream

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1,  5 sec., iso 100)



He was suffering.

Carried all the suffering of the ones of his kind.

I felt guilty

Something instinctive, coming from the inside.


Full of grief I was a creep

hiding from a god.


I turned to the sound of water,

on heavy legs

tried to crawl over to search solace.


the vojagemarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"the voyage"

(Sigma sd1 Merrill + Sigma 28 mm Art)


Autumnmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"Autumn solace"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/11, 1. sec.)



but so suddenly

the season has definitely turned

in front of my eyes

into a deep Autumn,

as can only happen under a spell


endmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/14, 1/2 sec., iso 100)



 And the centre of that spell was ME,

my legs could not move further

I began losing the sight of distant things,


seeing first only the last yellow leaves surrounding me 


leafmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/2 sec.,iso 100)




then the musk in front of my tree

muskmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/1.4, 1/160 sec., iso 100)



and finally

in a vertigo towards the ground

this last leaf,

a tragic actor remained on the scene

long after the last curtain


curtain downmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"after the curtain"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/11, 0.8 sec., iso 100)



then I lost the sense of myself.



I had gone too far, 

been changed

into one of them



from now on,

I will look YOU with my worried eyes,

and You could not catch my silent yell 


between dream and reality

You'll be that brave to cross

these territories.


one in a million marco dadone sigma 28 mm art

"one in a million"

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 28 mm art, f/4, 1/20 sec., iso 125)









Tech note:


WITH SIGMA 28 mm D1.4 DG HSM Art

this lens is a wide angle: incredibly good for distant yet very close subjects.

Lots of images were taken with the lens wide open at f1.4, the bokeh is out of this world, more typical of longer lenses, or macro ones.

The capacity of focusing very close to the target makes it the best companion to shoot little particulars, as well as wide angle scenes.

The images come out clean, professional, with wonderful fine details all over the frame. The ideal pass to the "other words" of my tales.


LINKS TO SIGMA (click on the names to open web pages):

in Italy: MTrading s.r.l. - Sigma Foto Italia -

English or Japanese: Sigma main site



in Italy: Sigma 28 mm Art from MTrading srl

on Sigma main site: SIGMA 28 mm Art on Sigma Global Vision



for me, the 28 mm f1.4 DG HSM is the best Sigma lens ever tried,

together with the 40 mm Art but more versatile.

Super Higly Recommended

from all the mushrooms with cute eyes up here.

  territoriesmarco dadone sigma 28 mm art


Marco Dadone ?



for my fb page please click HERE

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All the images were shoot in the Natural Park of Marguareis (CN, Piemonte, Italy) during Autumn 2019, including the beautiful works of land art realized in the woods.

(www.marcodadofoto.com) 28 Art dadone foveon marco marcodadofoto mm sigma sigma28mmart territories https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/10/territories-sigma-28-mm-art-marco-dadone Tue, 29 Oct 2019 08:00:00 GMT
HEB - Lea Tippett - Marco Dadone: a SIGMA adventure https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/10/heb-by-lea-tippett-and-marco-dadone---a-sigma-adventure  

Heb title

an unusual four-hands article and images on the Outer Hebrides of Scotland

seen through SIGMA cameras and lenses.


When landscape photography is a passion it happens to meet a lot of people.

Most of them a little crazy.

Maybe for that, it happens that Lea Tippett - SIGMA UK Ambassador - and Marco DadoneSIGMA ITALIA Ambassador -, despite the distance, sometimes share a few days of adventure at unbearable hours, which means never sleep and always search for the lights.  

This helped a genuine friendship to grow, in situations where most of the “normal” people would run away, between howling winds and horizontal rain. 

The perfect playground for this kind of insane sport have been lately the majestic Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

follow me to Taransay LEA TIPPETT

(image by LEA TIPPETT, Sigma SDQH + Sigma 14-24 Art)




Our eyes were SIGMA CAMERAS AND LENSES as we have the pleasure to use a wide range of items. SIGMA is offering the right choice for every situation: in this case to travel light we went for the “little beast” DP0 Quattro which was always in our pockets, together with some of the amazing line-up of the ART LENSES from SIGMA, great to photograph in low lights and with artsy results, due to the f.1.4 aperture of most of them.



(image by Marco Dadone, Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art)




So we begin:


come to discover the pristine lights at the turning of the night into day in one of west Harris’ most fascinating part, an almost endless strip of fine white sand facing the ocean and the faraway high hills, a perfect place of harmony



(LEA TIPPETT, dp0 Quattro)


Then jump only a few miles east to contemplate the union of the elements, on a rocky headland in that same Harris coastline, and in that ethereal moment


do make a wish



(MARCO DADONE, dp0 Quattro)




You could notice that the extreme 3D feeling together with sharpness even at pixel level and film-feeling and mood are –hopefully- all there, adding a peculiar touch to the beauty of these lands made of water, stones, wind and sand.



blue on the rocks, HarrisMARCO DADONE

(image by MARCO DADONE, Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art)




 Now take a long breath, we’re leaving this almost unbearable beauty… let’s venture inland;

these islands have some hidden treasures…



First, be careful not to get lost in the maze of lochs


Moored up, Lewis, Outer HebridesLEA TIPPETT

(LEA TIPPETT, Sigma dp0 Quattro)



These water-mirrors in good weather will watch You as eyes reflecting the sky,

in cloudy times appear as places of mystery from a tale by some obscure Scottish writer, and when mist comes up from the sea, they can indeed bring You elsewhere. 


While You’re walking on the soft moorland and approach these lakes,

shapes as mystic symbols could appear,  straight from another dimension

cupmarco dadone


(MARCO DADONE, Sigma dp0 Quattro)


And, between lakes and moorland, traces of the times long gone.


It is a somehow dangerous field, vibrant and full of energy.


things have a soul of their own, You see


abandoned, LewisLEA TIPPETT

(LEA TIPPETT, Sigma dp0 Quattro)


It happens that these old crofts, that let You pass by without care when the sky is blue and the sun shines, become alive in moody weather, and –coming near- You could hear their breath, like an aura from the past.




mansion, island of Lewis, Outer HebridesMARCO DADONE

in this house I’m in

rain from the roof

winds through the walls

trees on the floor.

Every Thing touches this heart

and does not fade


(MARCO DADONE, Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art)



Time to head north, we’re on Lewis and the sense of open space is everywhere.

On Dalmhor beach to reach a gem of a place, the elements here shine in all their power.

   dalhmore, LewisLEA TIPPETT (LEA TIPPETT, Sigma dp0 Quattro)




Don’t stumble upon the most amazing stones You can find


Lewisian Gneiss, the oldest rocks in Britain and some of the oldest in the world.

  old spiritsmarco dadone

(MARCO DADONE, Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art)




Lewisian gneiss of Dalmore beach, LewisLea Tippett

(LEA TIPPETT, Sigma dp0 Q)




Then take the old road,

if You are familiar with nowhere,

amongst pale blue shadows,

between rain and nights

hold Your candle

and go

night comes on the old trackMARCO DADONE

(MARCO DADONE, SDQ + 24 mm Art)




At the end,

at the extreme tip of the islands, what did You expect if not a beacon,

rising from the fuss of the elements.


The northern part of Lewis, an open area where mother Nature rules and the sense of last frontier is palpable.

 Wander amongst the high cliffs of the Butt of Lewis, to meet it.


atlantic swell, Butt of LewisLEA TIPPETT

(LEA TIPPETT, dp0 Quattro)




Where does this harmony comes from?

The sometimes angry, obscure, then peaceful and always perfect meeting of the elements.


Land melts into the sea


land and seaLEA TIPPETT

 (LEA TIPPETT, Sigma dp0 Quattro)





...sun melts into the ocean


the meeting MARCO DADONE

(Marco Dadone, Sigma dp0 Quattro)




Finally, there one thing impossible to avoid.


Everywhere in these magic islands You may roam, there’s always a centre, a core of energy



that is the call of Calanais.


the ritual sunset, Callanish circle, island of LewisLEA TIPPETT

  (LEA TIPPETT, dp0 Q)



Do reach the low hills when the stone circles still hook every one with their magnetic sight,

wait to be alone, look for the moon bouncing

through these old creatures of the earth.


sleeping soulsmarco dadone

(MARCO DADONE, SDQH + 24 mm Art)








Lea Tippett  Sigma Ambassador UK







Marco Dadone Sigma Ambassador Italy












Equipment used:

-SIGMA dp0 Quattro: https://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/dp-series/#dp0

-SIGMA SDQH: https://www.sigma-global.com/en/cameras/sd-series/#sd-h

-SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 DG HSM Art:


-SIGMA 12-24 mm f2.8 DG HSM Art:





(www.marcodadofoto.com) Dadone foveon Heb Hebrides Lea Leatippett Marco Marcodadone Outer OuterHebrides Scotland SIGMA Tippett https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/10/heb-by-lea-tippett-and-marco-dadone---a-sigma-adventure Fri, 04 Oct 2019 11:58:02 GMT
DEEP SCOTLAND - Marco Dadone - at John Muir Trust, Pitlochry, Scotland https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/9/deep-scotland---marco-dadone


NOW AND UNTIL THE 19th of JULY 2019,



If You go there, have a visit!

here's the link:




So DEEP SCOTLAND is my circus: an always increasing collection of soul landscapes from every corner of Scotland.


Here some samples of my "pictures to taste"


if You feel the bitter and the sweet, You're entering Scotland.



from the deepest blue to the sparkling red, there is a mix of land, clouds, winds and sea that often reaches an inner dimension:

let's begin the journey from the top, by the last light of the hebrides at the BUTT OF LEWIS lighthouse


   and suddenly to the other side, find Yourself amazed by a bloody red dawn by the Bass Rock

deep Scotland - DROP Marco Dadone

(DROP, east Lothian)




Been there so many times, with challenging conditions, everchanging lights,

and always the wind, always the wonder...

(LAIG BAY, island of Eigg)





So search the way out of time,

there's always an hidden path to nowhere...

or to everywhere, as destination counts nothing

Croft and Eaval, south UistMarco dadone DEEP SCOTLAND




White Eigg - Deep Scotland Marco Dadone (WHITE EIGG, Inner Hebrides)



And by the next dawn,

like ancient and tired wizards the stones will cast their spell.

Once again, the circle of time will be completed,

the Aura still there

Aura, Callanish Stones, LewisMarco Dadone - Deep Scotland

 (AURA, Callanish stones, Lewis)



Or You could find Yourself facing the cold april sun after a stormy night,

feeling it setting the gorse bushes on fire

and lighting up the old cove,

so listen, see:

that's when a thousand stories appear:

Cove Harbour, East LothianMarco Dadone - Deep Scotland -

   (COVE HARBOUR, Lothians)


and realize it all






and Beauty.

The life

  Deep Scotland Marco DAdone


   (THE SEA BREATHS, Island of Lewis)



then, pass by,

and find the path to men's and women's lives



a Home is an Island

and sailing the sea of tears

one can still reach the breath of the souls who lived there

now one with the wind

  Eilean and Blue Door - Deep Scotland Marco Dadone  (the clearances in Scotland - EILEAN, Lewis - BLUE DOOR, North Uist)



and, You know, sometimes we need to go beyond the open seas

Fair Isle - Deep Scotland Marco Dadone

  (FAIR ISLE BLUES, Shetland)



or to reach a sanctuary

Iona from the hillMarco Dadone - Deep Scotland

  (VIEW FROM THE HILL, Iona, Inner Hebrides)



and maybe being hypnotized in the middle of a field....

Turf - Deep ScotlandMarco Dadone




and no wonder, that's what nature can do:

a flock of waves, Eigg, Deep Scotland Marco Dadone   (A FLOCK OF WAVES, Island of Rum seen from Eigg)



Gardenstownd, Aberdeenshire, Deep ScotlandMarco Dadone

(GARDENSTOWN, Aberdeenshire)



Tales from the underwater, AssyntMarco Dadone - Deep Scotland




Saint Abbs dawnMarco Dadone - Deep Scotland

  (SAINT ABBS DAWN, Lothian)




Tangusdale beach, Barra - Deep Scotland Marco Dadone

  (TANGUSDALE BEACH, island of Barra)




the Howling Croft, Eigg, Deep Scotland Marco Dadone

  (THE HOWLIN CROFT, Eigg, Inner Hebrides)




Deep Scotland Marco Dadone





  (LOCH DRUIDIBEG, South Uist)



Our Lady of the isles, UistsMarco Dadone - Deep Scotland




before the dawn - Deep Scotland - Marco DAdone

  (BEFORE THE DAWN, Uig Sands, Lewis).


...to be continued on the next adventure



as they are the perfect dreamcatchers for me.


Marco Dadone



please follow my fb pages for regular updates:

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marco dadone marcodadofoto



Useful links to:



SIGMA ITALIA (m-trading)















(www.marcodadofoto.com) Dadone DEEP Marco SCOTLAND https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/9/deep-scotland---marco-dadone Mon, 09 Sep 2019 07:26:20 GMT
SIGMA 135 Art in the realm of little things https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/5/sigma-135-art-in-the-realm-of-little-things This time … I shut my mouth,

we have to be careful not to miss the wee things,

they last a few more than a breath of the wind


so please follow this path...


Let’s enter the hidden world, by a door between the foggy trees

right after the last leaves, left

Between a few bare trees, ancient  keepers of the entrance

and where the contours of things become uncertain, and You are almost lost…

the first little things of the newborn world appear…


then more

shaking in the wind as it cleaned the milky air,

step by step

recognizing that subtle sound,

a voice hidden inside,

until the source of the wee world was found…


from there we went further in

more light came for company

sending shadows and revealing shapes of this show of life

...till the white damsel was found

suspended in the colourful air

and at the end the sun came

to send his mantle of sorrowful red

on the white realm I had found

as that old flaming friend came down

to search some solace on the fresh blades of new grass, 


one last dandelion

the lonely astronaut

dominated the scene. 

So the realm of little things ended,

hard to meet and to leave

as all things made of magic,

one day in life one lifetime in the heart.










for me and my works :






































(www.marcodadofoto.com) 135 art Dadone Marco SIGMA https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/5/sigma-135-art-in-the-realm-of-little-things Thu, 16 May 2019 17:24:00 GMT
SIGMA 135 mm Art in the hills of wine https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/4/sigma-135-mm-art-in-the-hills-of-wine title the Hills of wine Marco Dadone

SIGMA 135mm F1.8 DG HSM | A

Ultra-High Resolution for ultimate artistry

Yes it is. But I am a landscapist! Let me see what …  keep on reading my adventures with this GREAT lens.


Mmh… big lens huge problem maybe! 

Well NOT with the 135 mm Art:

A box arrived from Mtrading, SIGMA FOTO ITALIA ( https://www.m-trading.it ) ( https://it-it.facebook.com/sigmafotoitalia )

and I had not finished to open it that, as my friend the foveon wizard Paul Monaghan said… yes the lens came FLOATING to me !

that is not a bad beginning

floating 135 art by Paul Mnaghan Paul Monaghan the foveon wizard floating 135 art



I was at first a little worried anyway: I use wideangles! 

But, when I reached the last woodlands before the Hills of wine by night, the lens came into use:

135 mm art in the Hills of wine night towards the Hills of wine - marco dadone -

Yes I was going the one of the most charming places ever, here in Italy, the LANGHE Hills

land of the most sublime wines of the world.

And, being a plateau of hills with high mountains on the horizon, the views at dawn can be quite magical:

Monviso 135 art sigmamarco dadone sigma 135 art

and as the first villages appear, let the fairytale begin:

langhe, sigma 135 artmarco dadone sigma 135 art

I was determined to use ONLY the 135 mm art, and play with its large aperture (f1.8!). It is a very bright lens. 

Icould capture the countyside and the village of Barolo while waking up from a red misty night.

Monviso, 135 artmarco dadone sigma 135 art

Barolo at dawn marco dadone sigma 135 art


Barolo 2 marco dadone sigma 135 mm art

together with the SIGMA SD Q H, this lens produced great results, extreme sharpness and precision in choosing the in-focus area.
I looked at the distant hills while the sun was rising,
the smooth bokeh emphatized the sense of open space here:
langhe Hills marco dadone sigma 135 art

Empty spaces often tell a lot more than overcrowded images....

the wineyards were waiting:

waiting wineyardsmarco dadone sigma 135 art

the winter wineyards are like a naif painting, seen from far, and like a labyrinth... from inside!

me and sigma 135 artmarco dadone

with the first sun, I arrived at Grinzane Cavour and its sourroundings, like oil-paintings from the past, thanks to the narrow depth of field and the very enjoyable soft bokeh of the 135 Art:

Grinzane Cavourmarco dadone 135 art sigma

langhe hillsmarco dadone sigma 135 art

Castiglione Falletto and its circolar tower, made of bokeh!

Castiglione falletto marco dadone sigma 135 art

But shall we get more close?

IN the wineyards, where the miracles take place: Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo….

Nebbiolo wineyardmarco dadone Sigma 135 art

  bottlesmarco dadone Sigma 135 art

Get into a 100% crop:

crop bottle

With this lens it can be all - or nearly all - bokeh,

the attention is brought just to the exact point You decide to put in focus.


Here is the heavenly juice, a glass of Barolo, the king of them all (focus on the bubbles):

barolo glass marco dadone sigma 135 art

a magic land produces that red treasure:

red wineyardmarco dadone - Sigma 135 art

Serralunga marco dadone Sigma 135 art

and it is by the light of the full moon that the white truffles come into the radar of the wise dogs!

full moon, langhe marco dadone Sigma 135 art

truffle searchermarco dadone Sigma 135 art

...and while the day is fading away, let me say I did like the SIGMA 135 Art, I liked it so much that I began talking to him at the end of the try...

or was it the wine effect!


bye, hills of the wine!



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SIGMA 40 mm Art on the rocks - Marco Dadone - https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/2/sigma-40-mm-art-on-the-rocks-marco-dadone  

on the rockssigma 40 mm art marco dadone

"on the rocks"



What's more fascinating than the contrast and mixture between two opposite elements: water and stones, how many hours You photographers did spend just finding out the infinite variations on that theme?! - speaking for myself: a lot, and did never get tired -

This new SIGMA lens, the 40 mm f1.4 DG HSM ART, made me want to try once more, and I discovered, maybe, a different and more deep magic in playing with the depth of field (f1.4 wide open) and its impressive sharpness, together with the cinematographic look of the gorgeous bokeh.

Took this cute thing by the sea, Italian seaside in Liguria, to capture some lights and shapes in the first lights with my trusty SIGMA SDQH.

And there are, my "four friends". Long exposure and perfect sharpness, that's a good combination for me, and this lens did not fail at all, just look how the rocks pop up from the waves !

four friends, Sigma 40 mm art Marco Dadone Sigma 40 mm Art Marco Dadone

This focal lenght, together with the aperture possibility, induce the photographer to approach landscape with a more intimate mood, capturing all the wide scene but focusing the attention on little things in the main frame, giving that "artsy" look which is unique.


And that is what I found, maybe "intimate landscapes" ? (at f1.4 the smooth area of the bokeh just tells a story by itself)

"morning jewels"

Sigma 40 mm art Marco Dadone Sigma 40 mm Art Marco Dadone

the 100 % crop shows the perfect details and the smoothness of the out of focus area:


"beside a dawn" (always f1.4):

The in-focus area is limited on a little part of the main blue rock, not the central thing.

So the eyes of the observer are first brought to notice the little stones between the waves (intentionally out of focus), and the main subject appears in an ethereal way; this process reveals a double way to see the image -two photographs in one-, that's an added value made possible by the 1.4 aperture and the quality of the bokeh.

Sigma 40 mm art Marco Dadone beside a dawn Marco Dadone Sigma 40 mm art beside a dawn



and then, revealing a sharpness that is a pure pleasure for the eyes.

Here the SDQH feature "sunset mode" helped a lot enhancing the red tones of the dawnlights:

"road by the sea"

"the rocks and the village" .. how a little change of perspective and lights can change a view!

the rocks and the village Sigma 40 mm art - marco dadone -

sigma 40 mm artsigma 40 mm art - marco dadone


then, just a snapshot - handhold at f1.4, 1/500 sec, iso 100  - see how the tin fish gains its main place in the image, while the background is still well recognizable yet has a dreamy look, the "tin fish":

tin fish Sigma 40 mm art - marco dadone

ok, time to say goodbye to these purple dawns:

purple dawns Sigma 40 mm art - Marco Dadone -

I loved this 40 mm Art, pure fun with a artsy feeling, lots of possibilities playing with depth of field and perfect sharpness

marco dadone Marco Dadone - sigma 40 mm art -

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Master of Light - tales with the SIGMA 40 mm ART (ENGLISH VERSION) https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/1/master-of-light---tales-with-the-sigma-40-mm-art-english-version

Oh Yes! Tried the 40 mm ART by SIGMA.

Here are my first impressions in a few days of use.

fishermen hut, ComacchioSIGMA 40 mm ART

Just arrived from MTrading (SIGMA FOTO ITALIA)  - www.m-trading.it  - , brought it with my trusty SDQH in the wetlands of Comacchio, that is how the village welcomed me:

ComacchioSIGMA 40 mm ART

and, of course, the horizontal valleys of salted water - not sea nor lake, just an unique place - : 

ValleySIGMA 40 mm ART

ART lenses are big! Yes, and this one fits perfectly on the SDQ H. The focus control is, manually, smooth and very accurate.

Isn t that cute… It is!

On the next, days, I had rough weather, sometimes windy and most of the time foggy. It is the winter, in this strange kingdom of water creatures and surfacing old shapes.

I enjoyed the original and somehow strange focal lenght, seems to me more or less an all-around lens, and despite I am a pure lanscapist, never had the feeling it was limiting my views. The "arty" mood is so high with this lens, that everything else comes to second place.

That my "boatman in blue", pretty sharp at f1.4 despite the moving subject !

Boatman in blueSIGMA 40 mm ART MARCO DADONE

I dont use to lose my head on technique, I use it, just to try to capture the image I have in my eyes and soul. Technique is simply a means to reach something else You know.

So that is NOT a tech-review, it is more a tale by images of my adventures with this lens.

The way I approached my landscapes with the 40 mm ART was more intimate, more close to the essence. It is not just a question of focal lenght, it is the atmosphere You breath with this lens.

Also a freezy and windy early morning can become interesting, when on Your tiny path there is a reversed boat… something like an image from above isnt that… (f.11, 2 seconds on iso 100)

"boat of the morning ghost"

the ghostly path - reversed boatSIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

At the same time, when You really get closer wide open, the bokeh is spectacular and, on the small focus area, at f1.4 it cuts!


Most of the fun, for me, was in trying the highest aperture in combination with long exposures. Images become even more unwordly.

That was the possibility I loved the most.

that is "prayer"

(13 seconds at f1.4, iso 100 - with ND grad 10 stops and a 0.6 ndgrad)


Or anyway a high aperture (here f3.) with 30 seconds of exposure.

That is the "sea fence"

the sea fence SIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

And the more depth You get using f1.4 and focusing NOT on the main subject! That is the ART serie right...

Here the focus is on the close branches, it lets the sea spider appear in the distance amongst the dawn mist, in a more delicate way (f1.4):

Sea SpiderSIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE -

Then, in an old italian village like Comacchio, I coul not avoid to try the effect on f.14-f.16 with the lights, that how it was:

Comacchio SIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

On the next day, pointing straight in face of a pale sun… 

blue beach SIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

Or in a more classical way, here at f7.1, iso 100

House in the valley - Comacchio SIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

f.9,  seconds at iso 100, sharp sharp sharp:

fishermens hutSIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

on the next evening, trying some "street" that is NOT my business… but the high aperture allowed me to take something nice home, without too much iso… that is at f1.4 iso 320:

fire man , streetSIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

And with the night coming, I found the bokeh to be very "cinematographic", how can I say, good to tell stories:

f1.4 in Comacchio village:



In a few days I found a dream of a lens, indeed. This one lets You play with apertures, it has that ARTY feeling, it lets You squeeze out the soul of things. Even common objects show their soul. 

An apple left on a tree, an old door, a fountain (all f1.4, handhold)



fountainSIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE

And, oh … let me come back for a moment in that weird and fascinating shells beach in the wetlands of Comacchio.

Playing with different fields, it all dipends on Your point of view.

That are the ART lenses, they encourage the creative side. This 40 mm is something great in doin this job.

Same views:

shell beach 1 SIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE


Finally, came home, more by the mountain.


I took this baby to see how the river was looking in the first lights of a cold morning, more night than day.

Once again, the essence of what I wanted to take, came out easily with this gem of a lens.

The flowing water sang its song (at f1.4 for 20 seconds, enough to free the river spirit, with appropriate nd grades), leaving the focus right on the ice patterns that framed it.


Esprit Sigma 40 mm art - Marco Dadone -

then, continuing the path, came across a bare blue wood. These kind of scenes, with lots of intricate branches, are very confusing. 

It helped, once again, this lens used wide open. The image gained a spiritual aura:

"by a woodland in winter"

by a woodland in winter SIGMA 40 mm art - Marco Dadone -

That was the SIGMA 40 mm art.


For me, hat down, 

a master of light.


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Master of Light - tales with the SIGMA 40 mm ART (ITALIAN VERSION) https://www.marcodadofoto.com/blog/2019/1/master-of-light---tales-with-the-sigma-40-mm-art  

   Ho provato il 40 mm ART di SIGMA!


   qui le mie impressioni in qualche giorno di utilizzo:

pink dawn SIGMA 40 mm ART

Eh ma gli obiettivi ART sono grossi!...Sì, quanto basta! Sulla SDQ H questo 40 mm calza a pennello.

La ghiera della messa a fuoco è morbida e precisissima e non richiede le dita di un Minions per lavorarci: insieme con la funzione focus stacking rende facile e spassoso scattare anche  tutta apertura, avendo pieno controllo sulla sottilissima area di fuoco.

Quello che è pazzesco in questa lente, è la nitidezza su tutto il frame e la capacità di gestire la luce in maniera egregia.

Appena arrivata (grazie MTrading) me la sono traslocata sulla fida SIGMA SDQ H e portata nelle Valli di Comacchio.


Qui ad f7.1 per 1/4 di secondi ad iso 100:

ComacchioSIGMA 40 mm ART

 Una gitarella ruvida e umida durante un weekend di fine anno colmo di nebbie e strane luci.


La focale inedita diverte, è quasi un tuttofare: non è, a livello di impressione, un grandandolare, ma piuttosto tra il “normale” e il medio tele.


Qui a f1.4:

"boatman in blue"

blueSIGMA 40 mm ART


Non sto mai tanto a menarla sulla tecnica, la uso quel tanto che basta per portare a casa buone foto, quindi non prendete questa come una recensione - non lo è ! - ... è piuttosto un racconto per immagini delle mie impressioni di dicembre con questa lente.


Sorprendentemente, non ho mai avuto il desiderio di toglierla e cambiare focale: per una volta ho lasciato il 12-24 nello zaino. 


Anche se sono un paesaggista, questa inedita lunghezza è lunga quanto basta per fotografare paesaggi, che assumono un taglio più intimo, e quindi stuzzicante, sicuramente interessante per chi è abituato ai grandangoli estremi.


Anche una mattina livida e gelata, tra nebbia e vento, può diventare interessante, quando ci si imbatte in una barca rovesciata a sbarrare il sentiero. Intorno solo il fruscio delle canne, lo stridio di qualche uccello acquatico dalle piume intirizzite, uno scenario quasi irreale (qui un wb personalizzato sulle luci fredde e un trattamento lasciando leggero il contrasto per rispettare le nebbie e i fantasmi - f.11, 2. sec. ad ISO 100).


"boat of the morning ghost":



Nello stesso tempo, quando ci si avvicina, è uno spettacolo di bokeh e la nitidezza "taglia" davvero in maniera millimetrica.


Qui a tutta apertura (f1.4, iso 100): 

Il gioco più divertente, per me, era vedere come poteva essere “nuovo” fotografare con poco più di un 50 mm effettivi (sulla sdQ H) a    f1.4: è un altro mondo.

Si aggiunge una prospettiva più “artistica” alle immagini e una nuova dimensione.

E' questa l'essenza della linea ART? Non lo so, ma in ogni caso funziona.


Si può, ad esempio, concentrare il fuoco su elementi di primo piano, lasciando staccare lo sfondo con delicatezza (qui ancora ad f1.4):



E magari, sfruttare la massima apertura con una lunga esposizione, in un paesaggio fatto di elementi astratti...detto così pare un po' pazzo, ma ne guadagna l’elemento etereo e può valerne la pena (montando l’apposito filtro, qui un 10 stop oltre un polarizzatore e un nd grad 0.6, 13 secondi a f1.4, iso 100)




  Qui 30 secondi di esposizione ad f3.5


   "the sea fence":



  E, in un paese come Comacchio, come non provare l’effetto a tutta chiusura (f.14-f.16) sulle luci? Mi è garbato parecchio anche quello



 Puntando in faccia a un pallido sole, è perfetta per la drammaticità dello scatto:



qui più classicamente f7.1 ad iso 100:



        Qui ad f.9 per 5 secondi ad iso 100:




  Anche il mio tentativo di street, che non è proprio il mio mestiere (e si vede!), diventa accettabile e la grande apertura consente di tenere bassi gli iso (qui f1.4 ad iso 320) ottenendo foto di tutto rispetto:


   il bokeh sulle forme e luci distanti, con le scene più scure mostra bene la sua personalità, che ho trovato molto "cinematografica", adatta al racconto. Sarà forse perché questo 40mm è derivato dalle Sigma CINE lenses:


In tre giorni nelle Valli di Comacchio ho provato un obiettivo che stimola a creare inquadrature artistiche e giocare con le aperture, e ti consente di portare a casa immagini di perfetta nitidezza senza alzare gli iso anche in condizioni critiche.


Può essere davvero un tuttofare che non si sente l'esigenza di cambiare, qualsiasi sia il genere fotografico.


In più, a mano libera, anche semplici oggetti, un frutto, una fontana, una vecchia porta, liberano la loro anima:

   fountain SIGMA 40 mm ART

Old DoorSIGMA 40 mm art

E un ruscello in inverno, alle prime luci, rivela la sua essenza, come in sogno  (20 sec. ad f1.4),



Esprit Marco Dadone - Sigma 40 mm art



Scene caotiche e difficili, come un intrico di rami, appaiono - ad f1.4 - spostate su un piano più onirico:


"by a woodland in winter":

by a woodland in winter SIGMA 40 mm ART - MARCO DADONE


La differenza col cambio di piano di fuoco ad f1.4 fa giocare con forme e luci come meglio si desidera (di seguito lo stesso punto di inquadratura, ad f1.4 con fuoco sul primo piano e poi sul piano intermedio):


Shell beach SIGMA 40 mm art


 Per me, tanto di cappello, SIGMA 40 ART, master of light



COMACCHIO, fishermans hutSIGMA 40 mm ART  

Varigotti, albaMarco Dadone - Sigma 40 mm art

Varigotti SIGMA 40 mm art - Marco Dadone -


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