SIGMA 40 mm Art on the rocks - Marco Dadone -

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on the rockssigma 40 mm art marco dadone

"on the rocks"



What's more fascinating than the contrast and mixture between two opposite elements: water and stones, how many hours You photographers did spend just finding out the infinite variations on that theme?! - speaking for myself: a lot, and did never get tired -

This new SIGMA lens, the 40 mm f1.4 DG HSM ART, made me want to try once more, and I discovered, maybe, a different and more deep magic in playing with the depth of field (f1.4 wide open) and its impressive sharpness, together with the cinematographic look of the gorgeous bokeh.

Took this cute thing by the sea, Italian seaside in Liguria, to capture some lights and shapes in the first lights with my trusty SIGMA SDQH.

And there are, my "four friends". Long exposure and perfect sharpness, that's a good combination for me, and this lens did not fail at all, just look how the rocks pop up from the waves !

four friends, Sigma 40 mm art Marco Dadone Sigma 40 mm Art Marco Dadone

This focal lenght, together with the aperture possibility, induce the photographer to approach landscape with a more intimate mood, capturing all the wide scene but focusing the attention on little things in the main frame, giving that "artsy" look which is unique.


And that is what I found, maybe "intimate landscapes" ? (at f1.4 the smooth area of the bokeh just tells a story by itself)

"morning jewels"

Sigma 40 mm art Marco Dadone Sigma 40 mm Art Marco Dadone

the 100 % crop shows the perfect details and the smoothness of the out of focus area:


"beside a dawn" (always f1.4):

The in-focus area is limited on a little part of the main blue rock, not the central thing.

So the eyes of the observer are first brought to notice the little stones between the waves (intentionally out of focus), and the main subject appears in an ethereal way; this process reveals a double way to see the image -two photographs in one-, that's an added value made possible by the 1.4 aperture and the quality of the bokeh.

Sigma 40 mm art Marco Dadone beside a dawn Marco Dadone Sigma 40 mm art beside a dawn



and then, revealing a sharpness that is a pure pleasure for the eyes.

Here the SDQH feature "sunset mode" helped a lot enhancing the red tones of the dawnlights:

"road by the sea"

"the rocks and the village" .. how a little change of perspective and lights can change a view!

the rocks and the village Sigma 40 mm art - marco dadone -

sigma 40 mm artsigma 40 mm art - marco dadone


then, just a snapshot - handhold at f1.4, 1/500 sec, iso 100  - see how the tin fish gains its main place in the image, while the background is still well recognizable yet has a dreamy look, the "tin fish":

tin fish Sigma 40 mm art - marco dadone

ok, time to say goodbye to these purple dawns:

purple dawns Sigma 40 mm art - Marco Dadone -

I loved this 40 mm Art, pure fun with a artsy feeling, lots of possibilities playing with depth of field and perfect sharpness

marco dadone Marco Dadone - sigma 40 mm art -

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