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"photography is a door for hard dreamers,

it brings eyes to touch imagination

and return them with a blink of wonder"


Thank You for being here!

this site hosts some of the works by Marco Dadone, born 1970, living in northern Italy, showing a deep love for lights and moody landscapes, expecially of all the Celtic places, Scottish Islands, Brittany and Ireland.
As my inner soul someway belongs to these wild places, everytime I return up there or discover one island more, is like coming home, or find another piece of me, so here You can find some images of the islands and kingdoms I walked and shoot through, together with some of the moody landscapes captured around Italy.

I only use SIGMA cameras (dp1s, dp2, SD1 Merrill, dp0 Q, dp1 Q, dp3 Q, sdQ H) and lenses, because of the unicity of the Foveon sensor: it really can deliver images able to let You come "inside", at least, that's my hope.


These days, honoured to be SIGMA Italia Ambassador :)

the site is in continue setting so it may change everyday,

Feel free to write me back Your impressions or simply add something to the Guestbook or buy a picture if You'd like to keep some with You (the site is not mainly ment for selling, but feel free to ask).


marco dadone