w  e  l  c  o  m  e 

t o 

t h e  e v e r y w h e r e   n o w h e r e




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I'll tell You a road that comes alongside some happiness, my friend.


Walk up those stone steps, 

the ones on which a few ripe figs have fallen,

follow the quiet pure lights You once saw shining around




And remember to bring that key

the one for the old blue door





Once You're in the old mansion,

take a rest,

but not before opening the windows to let some green come in





and when the wind bewteen the leaves

will bring You a few whispers,

It'll be the evening coming to smooth the harsh day.


So come by the patio and have a glass of a red one,

looking for the lights to change.





in front of the village and its houses 

with ocher skin and blue lids




and its discreet citizens

from other worlds




The next morning wake up early,

leave the safe and shady places

for the open sunny fields,

that begin without a warning

from everywhere around the houses.





See how everything is speaking without a single word.














when the sun is set

and the voices of all those ears and flowers will be fading,

like an echo in Your lighter thoughts,


Turn back till the village comes back into view;

It's still hot but You'll have fountains

with the coolest water to wash Your face




and a corner to sit down, take a pastis

and enjoy the best.




Was it just a moment?

Who cares if it can stay forever

in that sunny side of the soul.





All shots

with SIGMA fpL and 65mm F2 "I" serie

by marco dadone.



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