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An island with a lot of faces, as it has mountains, iconic lighthouses (Neist Point above all), few but idyllic sandy beaches (the Coral beach above all), castles (Dunvegan above all), a bustling maintown (the beautiful Portree), charming micro-villages (del delightful Stein above all).
All too perfect? Perhalps... does not seem to have the crispy wilderness of the Outer Hebrides, or the wild charm You'll find in the Shetland, and in full summer could be a little more touristic than You could wish.
But: it is a truly photographic island and - I think - it deserves a second visit to be appreciated a little out of season and in its less famous places, to show the beauty of its soul.
Neist Point 1High 2Highdreamy villageCoral BeachUigKyleakinNeist Point 2Duntulm CastleTrumpan ChurchReflectionsWaternish pointWaternish point 2Dunvegan castle