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Fair Isle is a true gem.
Lying in the ocean between Orkneys and Shetland, it's reachable from Shetland by a little airplane (from Tingwall) or by boat (the Sea Shepard).
Plenty of wildlife, birds from all over the world - never saw puffins so close - seals, a world-known bird observatory, and above all a living community of 65 (more or less) people pride of the land and joyful to share their beautiful world. A richness for the photographers and the walkers, perhalps the best island I've seen.
Go there, stay at the South Lighthouse, or at Tommy's B&B (the Auld Haa Guest House), and for a hot cup of tea go to the Bird's Observatory. You'll come back.
"Tingwall to Fair Isle"Fair Isle blues"breakfast"along the road, Fair Isle"boats and greens""drying""south lighthouse""the heights of Fair Isle""the wren and the pots""main road""south lighthouse II""the hus""Heligoland trap""open spaces""the harbour""green cliffs""the north gannetry""the northern puffin""breakfast II""Fair Isle's church"