marcodadofoto | Island of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

Lewis is the biggest of the Western Islands, a magic land made by wind, water, stones and the everchanging light of the sky.
Here is indeed "four sesons in a day"!ike the locals say.
The best part is at the extreme north, where You can find within walking distance: Port of Ness (delightful tiny village and port), the Butt of Lewis (lighthouse and cliffs), and Eoropie (wide sandy beach and dunes).

To stay in this zone, go to Edna and Angus MacLeod: exquisite ospitality (
Other wondeful beaches on the west side (Dalbeg, Uig sands, the beach at the extreme end of Bernera island) and on the east side (Tolsta beach).
Cliffs at Garannan, with a gorgeous walking trail alond (almost) the entire west coast.
... and not to forget the psychedelic part of Lewis, I mean a journey back in time with the Callanish stones' circles.
The island is a little unerestimated by the "official" tourists (.. that's not bad indeed...) and You can stay in deep contact with nature and peace.
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