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These incredible lands may seem absurd at a first glance (see the aerial image): endless lakes, bays, beaches, more water than land.
Visiting the Uists can be a deep and rich experience, it's Hebridean scenery in its rough side, a very moody (and sometimes muddy) Island, divided into North Uist, Grimsay, Benbecula, South Uist, all linked by tiny causeways.
Some of the greatest and widest beaches of all the Scottish islands (the west side of South Uist is almost an endless pattern of sand and dunes), a shark-shape mountain (Eaval), lot of ancient Crofts, often hidden between clouds and mist, as You can see from my photographs.
In these islands lived Angus McPhee, the so called Weaver of Grass, read his emoitional lifestory, and see some of his weird but fascinating works at the folk museum in South Uist.
a celtic dawnSouth Uist poniesMilky Daythe crofthousehouse of the daisies, South UistMount EavalPath to the dayprince Roderickcroft and eavalCroft at dawnthe secret lakeblue doorland of the sky #2a certain mood, BenbeculaBerneray sealsHouse in the morningScolpaig tower, North UistAeral view of North UistRuined house, South UistNorth Uist lake