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We met as two drops from the source,

didn't know where to flow

so we leaned to each other tight

and made the stream become our road














You were green

and I was blue;

We found some wood

and made a house

where even two drops could live for true.








Yet I couldn't help to find, 

after the last fern a new light

a wide world just made of air

maybe the white dove of the sky...






Was it that white dove or the wind passing by?


Somehow those feathers did move

reavealing a path going high





And this time,

my beautiful leaf

You watched me move on

from the threshold we built
















Up on the peaks

up for the sky

I walked on the crest of the last mountain high





Yet I thought of You

on the last stone I climbed,

when the evening came

as the air sang and shine





Then with a last jump

I did sail somehow 


on the wings of that dove

where a drop could fly










so when the sky turns to red

watch those clouds

see me there.





In a while

I'll be back as rain


blue on green

as the day we met.










on SIGMA fpL

in the woods and mountains between Italy and France. 



Il SIGMA 150-500 Sport ha appena vinto un EISA AWARD come Best Product 2022-2023 nella categoria superzoom lens sport.

L'ho provato tutta l'estate: è ingombrante e pesante,

dedicato a chi ama "sentire" la lente, dato che il corpo macchina quasi ci scompare, ma...

 incredibilmente potrebbe essere l'unica lente da portare con voi,

una volta che ne abbiate preso confidenza. 


La capacità di fotografare da molto vicino a 150mm insieme alla stabilizzazione efficace, sono stupefacenti.


Tutte le immagini di questo articolo, a parte le prime sulla sorgente, sono scattate a mano libera.


E lo sfocato è il plus di questo obiettivo, dato che è possibile raggiungere risultati artistici con i close up

in un modo che non mi sarei mai aspettato.


E' possibile anche delimitare il campo di messa a fuoco su tre livelli differenti, in modo da non farsi scappare lo scatto che si ha in mente, e pure montare filtri per effetti ancora più creativi.

Con la piccola fpL, certo, gli ISO si possono abbassare fino a 6 quindi è stato possibile ottenere immagini con tempi lunghi anche in situazioni "normali".


Di sicuro, ho usato questa lentona a modo mio, nel campo del paesaggio e dello storytelling,

ed è stata una bella sorpresa. 





the 150-500 sport has recently won the EISA AWARD as Best superzoom lens 2022-23, I tried it this summer.

Le lens is bulky and heavy, but...

but you won't believe it could be the only lens to take with you once you get used to it.


The ability to photograph from very close to 150mm along with effective stabilization is amazing.

All the images here, apart from the first ones of the sources, were shoot without any tripod.

The bokeh is the plus of this lens, as it's possibile to reach artistic results with close up, really more than I expected to.

It is also possible to delimit the field of focus on three different levels, so as not to miss the shot you have in mind.

Or mount filters, even if with the little fpL I could lower the ISO down to 6,

to use slow shutter times even in ordinary light situations.

Of course, I used this big lens my way, in the field of landscape and storytelling,

and it has been a surprise for me.



S | Sports
150-600mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS S | Sports


SU SIGMA FOTO ITALIA (cliccare sul link):








marco dadone

Sigma Ambassador Italy










Jim Kofron(non-registered)
Beautiful imagery, Marco--and nice storytelling to go along with it.
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