little Venice

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there is not much for a snail to do

in the salty sea valleys.

except stand on some rotten wood

and watch the lights change on the horizon.


(Sigma 20 mm "I")



Honestly, I've never seen

what's beyond my beach of shells,

the meadows of thin grass

dragged up to the sky by the wind,

and the old scrap left there by hunters.


(Sigma 20 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")



But that day, 

I found a duck's head on the beach.

(Sigma 20 mm "I")

a strange hollow head

into which I easily slipped

(Sigma 20 mm "I")

and almost immediately 

I found my soft snail shape

transform into that ot a duck.


a duck ... with legs, feathers and all. 



Finally able to slide

along the canals to the town I've only heard about,


they call it little Venice.


(Sigma 35 mm "I")




first came the reflections of the houses, 

which seen on the contrary 

looked like buildings made of water



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



then as soon as I settled down 

I recognized some friends, 

young and old 

all sliding along the streets made of blue, 

barking like dogs at the people walking by

on the thin bridges


(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")




(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 35 mm "I")



(Sigma 20 mm "I")



That's how I found out 

why ducks always seem to smile 

from under their beak.

(Sigma 35 mm "I")

And now that you know my little secret

tell my last friend who remained on the beach 

to look for a hollow head of a duck, 

like the ones 

that hunters use to recall, 

instead of staring all day at the horizon 

like a dumb snail.


(Sigma 20 mm "I")



Well if he doesn't, 

he could always sneak up to the old boat 

for some adventure...

...should it ever leave...


(Sigma 35 mm "I")


(Sigma 35 mm "I")





-the end-





-just an excuse to continue my try on the SIGMA "I" SERIES LENSES, 

these images come straights from the "ready to use" JPEGS of the SIGMA fpL,

just with my personal white balance according the the blue cast of some sleepy mornings.


LENS USED: 20 mm and 35 mm f2 - "I" SERIES - from SIGMA

on Sigma fpL






for Italy SIGMA is by MTrading:

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NUOVO SIGMA 35 mm serie I: 

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NUOVO SIGMA 20 mm serie I: 

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(Sigma 20 mm "I)


(Sigma 35 mm "I")



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