SIGMA 135 mm Art in the hills of wine

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title the Hills of wine Marco Dadone

SIGMA 135mm F1.8 DG HSM | A

Ultra-High Resolution for ultimate artistry

Yes it is. But I am a landscapist! Let me see what …  keep on reading my adventures with this GREAT lens.


Mmh… big lens huge problem maybe! 

Well NOT with the 135 mm Art:

A box arrived from Mtrading, SIGMA FOTO ITALIA ( ) ( )

and I had not finished to open it that, as my friend the foveon wizard Paul Monaghan said… yes the lens came FLOATING to me !

that is not a bad beginning

floating 135 art by Paul Mnaghan Paul Monaghan the foveon wizard floating 135 art



I was at first a little worried anyway: I use wideangles! 

But, when I reached the last woodlands before the Hills of wine by night, the lens came into use:

135 mm art in the Hills of wine night towards the Hills of wine - marco dadone -

Yes I was going the one of the most charming places ever, here in Italy, the LANGHE Hills

land of the most sublime wines of the world.

And, being a plateau of hills with high mountains on the horizon, the views at dawn can be quite magical:

Monviso 135 art sigmamarco dadone sigma 135 art

and as the first villages appear, let the fairytale begin:

langhe, sigma 135 artmarco dadone sigma 135 art

I was determined to use ONLY the 135 mm art, and play with its large aperture (f1.8!). It is a very bright lens. 

Icould capture the countyside and the village of Barolo while waking up from a red misty night.

Monviso, 135 artmarco dadone sigma 135 art

Barolo at dawn marco dadone sigma 135 art


Barolo 2 marco dadone sigma 135 mm art

together with the SIGMA SD Q H, this lens produced great results, extreme sharpness and precision in choosing the in-focus area.
I looked at the distant hills while the sun was rising,
the smooth bokeh emphatized the sense of open space here:
langhe Hills marco dadone sigma 135 art

Empty spaces often tell a lot more than overcrowded images....

the wineyards were waiting:

waiting wineyardsmarco dadone sigma 135 art

the winter wineyards are like a naif painting, seen from far, and like a labyrinth... from inside!

me and sigma 135 artmarco dadone

with the first sun, I arrived at Grinzane Cavour and its sourroundings, like oil-paintings from the past, thanks to the narrow depth of field and the very enjoyable soft bokeh of the 135 Art:

Grinzane Cavourmarco dadone 135 art sigma

langhe hillsmarco dadone sigma 135 art

Castiglione Falletto and its circolar tower, made of bokeh!

Castiglione falletto marco dadone sigma 135 art

But shall we get more close?

IN the wineyards, where the miracles take place: Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo….

Nebbiolo wineyardmarco dadone Sigma 135 art

  bottlesmarco dadone Sigma 135 art

Get into a 100% crop:

crop bottle

With this lens it can be all - or nearly all - bokeh,

the attention is brought just to the exact point You decide to put in focus.


Here is the heavenly juice, a glass of Barolo, the king of them all (focus on the bubbles):

barolo glass marco dadone sigma 135 art

a magic land produces that red treasure:

red wineyardmarco dadone - Sigma 135 art

Serralunga marco dadone Sigma 135 art

and it is by the light of the full moon that the white truffles come into the radar of the wise dogs!

full moon, langhe marco dadone Sigma 135 art

truffle searchermarco dadone Sigma 135 art

...and while the day is fading away, let me say I did like the SIGMA 135 Art, I liked it so much that I began talking to him at the end of the try...

or was it the wine effect!


bye, hills of the wine!



for SIGMA FOTO ITALIA who kindly sent me this lens:
for this lens, SIGMA 135 ART:

for my works: -Marco Dadone - Sigma ambassador Italy -








Scott Kennelly(non-registered)
Hi Marco,

These are great photos! I hope you get a chance to go back and shoot more photos of the wine country. Thanks for showing us what the 135mm f1.8 Art can do in the hands of a master.
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