into the white lands - marco dadone -

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I left with the blood of sprigtime dawns




and passed by the deception of summer



I cried with the last leaves 




and talked with the skeleton trees




I walked the line between seasons

like a cut in the skin




then with the first snow,


I entered the wood




my path cleared and my sight deeper





as the wihiteness came 





and slow flakes landed on my black hat.






I went on in my big boots

until I felt my nose no more




into things dissolving without a shadow





this meadow of cold air 


owns a blessed silence







I'm a jigsaw






parts of me are made by snow






the creacking of the branches


that robin with round eyes





are happiness





so my forest has changed






I'm with her


















All shots with SIGMA SD1 Merrill 

with SIGMA 135 mm Art,

SIGMA 28 mm Art,

SIGMA 24-105 Art

and SIGMA 8-16

in north west Italy.



 by marco dadone










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