SIGMA 24 mm Art in Luskentyre - Marco Dadone

March 20, 2020  •  1 Comment

sigma 24 mm in luskentyre soul of the bluemarco dadone

During my pilgrimages around Scotland, found one place which is a special canvas for the light.

the elements melt together in a unique way, showing gold, grey, green and endless shades of blue.

Since approaching this area in middle-west Harris, Outer Hebrides, it's clear that we are not goin' to an everyday place


It is like landing on another planet


...and find a slice of heaven


approaching marco dadone


So it's with blue in my mind that I was back, impatient to see the turquoise of the Hebridean sea, the dark blues at dawn with Harris hills emerging from the night, the pale tones of a dull morning and the vibrant match between a flaming sun and the ocean at sunset.

What I did not know was that this time, Luskentyre would have revealed its soul to me in a special way.

Time to take my SIGMA SDQH and try the  SIGMA 24 mm f1.4 DG HSM   by SIGMA FOTO ITALIA .



Three dawns in Luskentyre, that's a wide area of dunes, hills, ocean and islands, do mean a lot of beauty.

There is  a special luminescence, even with bad weather. 


First shoots as the light illuminated the scene, that came straight from the land of dreams to my eyes:

the mystic connection, Luskentyremarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

the mystic connection

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art)


then from my nest, the show began


from cold colors to the typical hebridean tones



There's little more words to use.

I shooted all these images with the SIGMA 24 mm Art, trying to squeeze it in every conditions and use it in an "ethereal" and more sperimental way, to empathize the feelings of so much magic that was everywhere.

So wide open at f1.4 to capture the "scene into the scene",

and often with Intentional Camera Movements (ICM),

together with long exposures to achieve more depht.


Here, before the first dawn in Luskentyre.

The silhouette of the photographer is melting with the immensity of the sea, sand and sky changing from night to day, his soul is emerging amongst the wild elements of nature as in a dream, a spider at the corner of the heavens web

photographer's dreaming marco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

the photographer in dream

(Sigma SDQH + Sigma 24 mm Art

0.9 soft ndgrad and 0.6 hard nd grad, single shot at f/16, 13 seconds, iso 100, i.c.m.)




Luskentyre feel 1marco Dadone Sigma 24 mm art

Luskentyre feel I



Luskentyre feel IImarco dadone Sigma 24 mm art

Luskentyre feel II



Luskentye feel IIImarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm Art

Luskentyre feel III



Or simply letting the movement of the wind free itself, to reveal something like a presence...

spirit of the dunesmarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

spirit of the dunes



the placemarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm Art

take me to the place




call of the seamarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm Art

sea's calling




windswept heaven marco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art

windswept heaven



lossmarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art



Inside from the dunes, another word of discoveries


luskentye heightsmarco dadone SIGMA 24 mm art


and, when going away, one last goodbye from the sky




so, just some soulscapes.

thanks to the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, to have awarded this image


Thanks to Lea Tippet and Willem Eelsing 

(the shot up there is Willem while shooting in Luskentyre, captured from the highest sand dunes),

we made a true adventure team this time






(except the very first one with SIGMA DP0Q).


a blog by

MARCO DADONE (click on name for the full website)


All items used by SIGMA

SIGMA 24 mm ART lens provided by SIGMA FOTO ITALIA at






Chris Barclay(non-registered)
Hi Marco, the colour saturation of your Scottish images now seems to be gentler. This makes the colour gradients stronger and the movement of the grass and clouds etc is emphasised..

Including the post and tangled wire fence in the foreground in "take me to the place" greatly enhances this image.. I'm always learning from you.

Everyone goes to Iceland to capture the northern lights however your beautiful image "The Mystic Connection" has inspired a similar aura in blue rather than green.

Working in Scotland seems to motivate you to get better and better.
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